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The Water Girl

By Bill Bracy
Guest Writer

CBN.comI was always taught in Sunday School to read a Bible passage in context and understand what it meant to the people it was originally addressed to before asking what God was saying to me through that passage. With this in mind, let me share a story with you.

Several years ago, when I was desperate for a date... I mean, when I was seeking to find a wife, I read the biblical account of how Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for his son Isaac. Abraham's servant went to the local watering hole, where most of the women would go to draw water every day, and prayed that God would send the promised son a beautiful bride. Lo and behold, along came Rebekah and fulfilled every detail of the prayer.

Wow! God really came through on that one. But what did that mean for me? I laughed to myself and thought how ridiculous that story was in modern life, realizing that people today don't go to wells to get their water (my sincere apologies to any Amish readers). Due to my salary, I didn't have any servants I could send either. I went to work and forgot all about my morning devotion.

Late that night, after finishing work, several employees were playing Ping-Pong in the recreation room. I was exhausted after a blistering game and headed rapidly for the water fountain. Suddenly, a young woman ran past me to get to the fountain first. I was thinking, Please get out of my way so I can get some water when she looked up at me and said, "Let me hold the water fountain button down so that you can drink first."

My mind instantly flashed back to my devotion that morning: I recalled laughing at God's methods for finding a wife. I remembered my futile efforts at locating a wife and all the dates that had never panned out. Could this be God's choice for me? This girl didn't know me and wasn't interested in dating me. What was I thinking anyway?

So I acted cool and calm and didn't say what I was thinking. I'm sure my Right Guard deodorant had quit working and my minty fresh breath was long gone. What an idiot I am! I thought, because in those few seconds, I truly believed that woman was the perfect one for me. I believed that we would get married and live happily ever after.

I snapped back to reality and drank more water than I needed to to cover any obvious signs that I might be infatuated with her.

All these events happened 22 years ago. It took two years of flowers, candy, baked goods, movies, romantic poetry, and all the charm I could muster to ask that " water girl" to marry me. The same God who answered Abraham's prayers thousands of years ago took time to hear and answer my prayers, too.

So if you're looking for that special someone, pray to God first and then go hang out at the nearest water fountain!

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