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Dave Ramsey is a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host and author of the New York Times bestselling books, Financial Peace Revisited and The Total Money Makeover. His life-changing advice in the area of personal finance helps people get out of debt, stay out of debt, and build wealth that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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Dave Says: No Emergency Fund?

I want to use $40,000 of our savings to pay down the house then rebuild our emergency fund. My husband disagrees. What do you think?

Dave Says: Paying Debts or Paying Bills

Investing that glorifies God is motivated solely by a desire to see His kingdom grow. If you're a follower of Jesus Christ, then you know that ...

Dave Says: Carrying a Debit Card

Dear Dave Ramsey, I'm trying to convince my husband to leave his debit card at home when he goes to work. He says he wants it for emergencies, but he's always using it for other things. What do you think?

Dave Says: Accomplishments and Disappointments

I'm about to complete Baby Step 3. I've been very intense about following your plan, but I was wondering if there's ever any kind of frustration or letdown after you've come this far.

Dave Says: Downsizing Your Home

Is it ever a good idea to sell your home and buy a smaller, less expensive one in order to get out of debt more quickly?

Dave Says: Credit Card Points?

I want to keep one of our credit cards open and use the bill-pay option for utilities and other monthly bills so we can continue earning rewards points. Am I just asking for trouble?

Dave Says: Selling My Husband's Motorcycle

Dear Dave, My common sense says we need to sell my husband's motorcyle, but he doesn't want to, even though we haven't been riding in over a year. What should I do?

Dave Says: A Fresh Monthly Budget?

I was wondering why you recommend doing a fresh budget every month. Once you've figured out your expenses and income, won't the same budget work month to month?

Dave Says: Savings and Retirement

Dear Dave, I've heard you tell people that having $90,000 to $100,000 saved up for retirement isn't enough. Why?

Dave Says: How Much Life Insurance?

How much would you suggest having on a policy for a stay-at-home mom when there's no direct income involved?

Dave Says: Your Retirement Goal

Dear Dave, Do you recommend that people have a certain goal percentage or dollar amount saved for retirement?

Dave Says: Teenagers and Cars

Our 15-year-old has saved his money, and he'll buy a car next year. When he buys it, should the title be put in our names or his?

Dave Says: Controlling Your Spending

Now, at 45, I've gotten out of debt and fallen back in several times. I'm sick of this, and I want to get control of my money. How do I break this bad cycle?

Dave's Sound Money Advice

Stuck in debt? Need to know whether you should buy a new car or a new house? Don’t know if you should get life insurance? Dave Ramsey is your man!

Make a Financial Touchdown

Don't let your money control you. Take back the reigns with smart tips from financial counselor Dave Ramsey.

End Your Financial Woes

Financial expert Dave Ramsey talks about how to overcome a financially crippling job loss and avoid getting sucked into a bad deal.

Don't Get Stuck With the Bill

Financial expert Dave Ramsey talks about how you can avoid paying for things that you didn't expect.

Don't Get 'Doc-Itis'

Financial expert Dave Ramsey talks about repaying med school bills and fraud alert.

The Payoffs of Wisdom and Patience

Staying debt-free and making wise financial choices is what sets the truly intelligent money manager apart from the spendthrift fool. Here is what Dave Ramsey has to say about two real-life financial situations.

Retire Right

Financial expert Dave Ramsey talks about planning well for a financially secure retirement.

Mortgage Hassles and Credit 'Counselors'

Financial expert Dave Ramsey gives his advice on balancing two mortgages and the validity of credit counselors.

The College Budget Squeeze

Financial expert Dave Ramsey answers questions about budgeting for higher education and getting a good return on your investment.

Too Old to Tackle Money Issues?

Financial expert Dave Ramsey answers these questions about financial planning later in life, low-limit credit cards, and car loans.

Dave Ramsey on Real Estate Ventures

Financial advisor Dave Ramsey answers questions about rental property sales, a risky real estate investment plan, and extended warranties for your car.

The Budget Battle

Financial expert Dave Ramsey answers these questions about budgets, credit issues with an ex, and buying a car for a growing family.

Independence Day, Financially Speaking

Financial expert Dave Ramsey answers these questions about an inheritance, foreclosed homes, and identity theft.

Confused by Credit?

Financial expert Dave Ramsey answers these questions about credit, investing, and real estate.

Will My Boyfriend's Bad Credit Affect Mine?

Money man Dave Ramsey answers these money issues from couples.

The Truth About Credit Card 'Perks'

Money man Dave Ramsey pulls from his professional experience to answer your financial concerns.

Diminish Your Debt

Money man Dave Ramsey pulls from his professional experience to answer your financial concerns.

Smart Business Sense

What do you think about a real estate deal digger? Should I transfer my father’s small business into my name? Should I have a checking account, a savings account, or both? Money man Dave Ramsey pulls from his professional experience to answer these questions.

Teens and Emergency Funds

Financial guru Dave Ramsey answers questions about wise financial decision-making.

Financing Workout Equipment

Should I take advantage of a treadmill offer?

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