As we begin this new year, we have the wonderful opportunity to express God's love and goodwill toward the people of Israel, especially those in desperate need.

Through CBN Israel, you can give relief to Israel's most vulnerable citizens–including aging Holocaust survivors, terror victims, lonely refugees, and more. You can deliver groceries, medicine, assistance, and–most of all–hope to those in desperate need.

Your support also has a global impact. You can make it possible to stem the tide of rising global anti-Semitism and hostility toward the Jewish state by reaching millions worldwide with unrivaled news and films that tell the true story of Israel and the Jewish people.

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For a limited time, when you join CBN Israel with a monthly gift of $25 or more, we will send you a DVD of the CBN film, Written in Stone: Jesus of Nazareth.

You can retrace the life of Jesus from His birth in Bethlehem to His death and resurrection in Jerusalem. This amazing film reveals how archaeology affirms the truth of the Bible.

Written in Stone: Jesus of Nazareth

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