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Your special gift to Superbook will help produce and translate bible episodes, share the gospel through animated digital bibles, and produce global broadcasts to hundreds of millions of children.

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Nine-year-old orphan, Channa, smiles as she recounts the joy she feels knowing God as her Father.
“Thank you to everyone who brought Superbook to us!”
10-year-old Oktavia was invited to watch Superbook in a Sunday school class by a friend. Although she was being raised in a Muslim family, her mother gave her permission to go.
“That was the day I saw that they crucified Jesus. His hands and feet were nailed to the cross. I was surprised when that happened. I learned that He died to take away our sins.“
Oktavia soon prayed to become a Christian. She is growing in her faith and her family is noticing a change in her as well.
Through your generous support, Superbook’s life-changing animated stories are captivating children and their families all over the world—helping them to experience the Bible and its timeless message of grace and hope.
When you donate, you’re helping Superbook to touch young hearts like Oktavia’s in powerful ways!
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Wherever children live, they can hear about Jesus—thanks to you.

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61 Languages

Superbook Episodes are translated to the languages of families worldwide

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Superbook Episodes have been broadcast to over 200 million viewers* in 123 countries

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65 Superbook Episodes have been produced and new episodes are in development

*Brown, Fraser & Associates is a research company founded by Regent University professor Dr. William Brown, and Dr. Benson Fraser. To prepare the 2019 survey, field teams overseen by Brown and Fraser completed 17,692 interviews in 36 cities or regions of 10 countries. Brown and Fraser then applied the results from the surveys to project the probable audience sizes and programming effects of CBN programming.