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Get the new episode "Peter's Denial" – your kids will learn that no matter how big your mistake is, you can always find grace and forgiveness with God. Join The Superbook DVD Club and receive the Easter bonus "He Is Risen!" – the story of Jesus’ love, sacrifice and resurrection.

CBN's new Superbook has animation stories of real Bible heroes whose success came from trusting God and following His direction. Your kids will learn valuable, life-long lessons of faith and victory!

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As a Superbook DVD Club member you will receive 3 copies of each new Superbook episode.* Join now and receive “Peter’s Denial” plus 2 free copies to share with family and friends. Watch a Preview.

SPECIAL EASTER BONUS: Receive 3 FREE copies of “He Is Risen!” Watch a Preview.
Note: The deadline for Easter delivery has past, but you can still receive the bonus DVDs when you join by April 30th.

Option 2. Get Individual Superbook DVD episodes

Each exciting Superbook episode is available for a donation of $25. Select desired quantities below. Tap each video to watch a clip.

He Is Risen!
Ultimate love and sacrifice!
Peter's Denial
You can always find forgiveness with God!
Noah and the Ark
A boat for his family and every animal on earth.

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