Superbook—Entertainment the Whole Family Will Love!

Superbook is an amazing collection of computer-animated Bible adventures that kids and parents enjoy. Your kids will see stories about real Bible heroes whose success came from trusting God and following His direction. They'll learn valuable, lifelong lessons of faith and victory!

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3 favorite DVD episodes for just $24.95 (a $55 value!)

  • "A Giant Adventure"–David and Goliath

  • "Jonah"–God's mercy and compassion

  • "Roar!"–Daniel and the lions' den

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Season 1 (13 DVD episodes) for a gift of $69.95

  • "In the Beginning"
  • "The Test!"
  • "Jacob and Esau"
  • "Let My People Go!"
  • "The Ten Commandments"
  • "A Giant Adventure"
  • "Roar!"
  • "The First Christmas"
  • "Miracles of Jesus"
  • "The Last Supper"
  • "His is Risen!"
  • "The Road to Damascus"
  • "Revelation: The Final Battle!"
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Superbook Songs (DVD + CD set) for a gift of $10

Celebrate the joy of Christ-centered praise with a special Superbook Songs DVD and audio CD bundle! Sing, dance, and praise the Lord with 16 action-filled music videos, including Christmas favorites! Enjoyed by kids of all ages, the lively music videos feature on-screen lyrics so anyone can join in! Each song is filled with vibrant, uplifting dance, and Christ-centered lyrics to lift the spirits and keep the young ones entertained!

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