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Aaron Tabor
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Support Better Memory With Soy

By Aaron Tabor, MD
CEO and Medical Research Director for Revival Soy - Unfortunately, aging is often accompanied with a natural decrease in memory. An aging senior once said, “Of all the things I miss the most, I miss my memory!” None of us should have to face the loss of our most precious moments.

Loss of estrogen after menopause may be partly responsible for this decrease in memory. Women in menopause humorously refer to memory lapses as “menopausal moments”.

Several human clinical trials now suggest that soy may support a healthier memory (1-5). The memory support provided by soy may be partly due to the ability of the soy isoflavones, key soy ingredients, to protect nerve cells from oxidative stress (6 and 7).

In a newly published clinical trial, postmenopausal women age 51 – 66 years old consumed 60 milligrams of isoflavones per day for six weeks. Soy consumption improved nonverbal short-term memory, mental flexibility, and planning ability. Other studies have shown that soy supports memory in premenopausal women, and men, too.

Another study involving both women and men concluded, "Significant cognitive improvements can arise from a relatively brief dietary intervention, and the improvements from a high soy diet are not restricted to women or to verbal tasks."

More and more studies suggest that soy may be a smart dietary choice for anyone concerned about a healthy memory. A leading hospital is currently studying Revival Soy's impact on memory in postmenopausal women, and in men.

So, to support a healthy memory, eat an antioxidant-rich diet including soy.

Revival Soy makes getting enough soy simple and delicious. With Revival Soy, you can be sure you’re getting enough soy isoflavones in your daily diet—without the soy taste. And you can take comfort in knowing you’re using the #1 doctor-recommended soy protein supplement, backed by clinical studies and many patented benefits.

Just 1 small Revival shake or protein bar gives you the amount of soy isoflavones found in 6 cups of a typical soymilk (160 milligrams). A recent panel of international soy experts recommended up to 160 milligrams of soy isoflavones per day for all of the health benefits of soy.

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