Deepen Your Faith This Easter

This special guide has been designed for Christian audiences to help you explore the fascinating, spiritual relationship between Passover and Easter.

The exclusive content inside:

  • “The Day of Lambs and Palm Sunday”

  • “The Passover Seder and The Last Supper”

  • “The Secrets Hidden in the Matzo—Unleavened Bread”

  • “Crushed in Gethsemane Among the Olive Presses”

  • “The Crucifixion and Killing of Lambs”

  • “Jesus’ Sacrificial Death and The Torn Veil”

  • And much more!

We pray this valuable guide will significantly enrich your Easter celebrations with your family, friends, and church community.

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God’s chosen people face incredible hardship and constant threats in the Middle East. Support from Christians in the U.S. is more important with each passing day. Your support of Israel today makes you part of the redemptive story God is telling through His chosen people.

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