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CBN.comWilliam Condon has always had a thirst for learning. At a time in his life when others were establishing their professional careers, Condon felt compelled to return to graduate and law school. In his forties, he achieved these self-determined goals with impressive honors: West Outstanding Scholarship Achievement Award, Outstanding Scholarship Award from the Robertson School of Government (RSG) and Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities.

However, awards, honors and a distinguished career are simply not enough to satisfy Condon. “What I have come to realize in the past few years is that success is not measured by material things or professional accomplishments. How useful I am to God and other people is what is important,” he says. With a desire to help others, Condon may have found his niche as a public servant. As an assistant attorney general for the state of South Carolina, Condon aspires to someday ply his knowledge in the political arena in order to make a difference.

Condon selected Regent University for his postgraduate education because he wanted to understand the moral principles upon which the law is based. Desiring to serve in public life through government or politics, Condon recognized how Regent’s objective to prepare Christian leaders coincided with his own purpose. Thinking back on his coursework, Condon recalls three significant foundational classes that helped prepare him to understand and interpret the law today. In RSG he took a memorable course based on 10 to 12 biblical principles upon which separate teaching modules were developed. He recalls another class that traced the development of religious and philosophical thought in Western civilization and its laws, and a political philosophy course that introduced the thinking of philosophers through the world’s development.

Armed with political insights and the expertise of a lawyer, Condon is well equipped to make a difference in his chosen field. As a lawyer in Washington, D.C., Condon volunteered for the Washington Legal Clinic for the homeless. Each month he made himself and his legal expertise available to anyone with a need at a homeless shelter. As Condon found ways to help the people, he discovered the principle of reciprocity, finding personal satisfaction in giving his time and energy to others. “It’s taken me 45 years to come to that conclusion, as old ways of thinking take a long time to correct,” he says. The more he serves, the more Condon finds his purpose in life.

Seeking ways to give back to others, Condon has majored in volunteerism. He worked with the East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO), a local nonprofit agency in the Charleston, S.C., area, formed after Hurricane Hugo hit in 1989. He began serving on the ECCO board of directors in 1992, continuing for the next eight years. Using his administrative, accounting and budgeting skills, Condon helped the agency provide varieties of practical assistance to many people. He has served as well on the leadership team for his church’s singles’ ministry, and today he volunteers as a member of Regent University’s Executive Alumni Board. Condon affirms his life philosophy by saying, “I believe that any success I have experienced, or will experience, will materialize only if I am willing to stop thinking about myself and start thinking about others.”

The future holds many exciting possibilities for Condon. He attributes reading a book by Billy Graham for turning his thoughts to the political scene. As one who holds moral principles as his compass and is a leader in his own right, Condon is preparing to run for political office someday. He has been researching some of the important issues in government policy today with plans to write his conclusions for decision makers to read. Explaining his motivation to step into the political arena, Condon says simply, “I want to be useful.” His mission and purpose are worthy.

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