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Six Ways Facebook Can Expand Your Leadership Influence Especially for leaders, if you’re not already on Facebook, you should be. Not only is the social media powerhouse a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, it’s an excellent way to enhance your ability and broaden your reach as a leader. New features are added continuously that can help showcase your savvy in an online environment, making you a strong competitor and respected individual within your field. The following tools can solidify your reputation as a leader and help expand your base of followers.

Creating Ads

If you’re searching for a way to deliver your message to a select audience, Facebook ads provide a simple yet valuable solution. These ads are a great way for leaders to publicize their thoughts and purpose — and creating your own is a surprisingly easy process. Simply identify the group you wish to target by choosing parameters for location, age and interest. If you’d like, you can test your ad before it runs to see which version works best. Set your daily budget and voila: an ad is born and ready to spread your ideas on a sizable scale.

Enabling Subscriptions

Leadership isn’t just about leading — it’s also about learning. The “subscribe” button provides users with the ability to follow individuals beyond the scope of their friends list. The latest profile updates from fellow leaders — such as journalists, celebrities, and political figures — will appear in your News Feed in a real-time format. This is a terrific way to gather information from people you find inspiring, and offers insights you can pass along to your followers who may share similar interests. Enabling subscriptions to your own Facebook profile puts those in the public sphere in contact with your leadership message, broadening the boundaries of your audience.

Maintaining Status Updates

Status updates are the lifeblood of anyone hoping to enhance their capabilities as a leader. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

• Stay interesting. Posts that are both relevant and intriguing will ensure followers’ engagement with your message, helping to build a strong base and encourage future reading.

• Vary your updates. Try to differ your posts in both medium (text, photos, links) and tone (personal versus professional) in accordance with your leadership goals.

• Post frequently. This is key to your role as a leader. These updates serve as a connection to your followers, and upholding a steady online presence is important to keep that connection healthy and strong.

Utilizing Polls for Feedback

The road to effective leadership is not a one-way street; the worth of feedback from your constituents is invaluable. Polling your followers demonstrates your interest in the comments and perspective of your audience and can be an efficient way to receive their feedback. Simply click “Ask a Question” in your status update bar and build your poll and responses by following the application instructions. Not only does this built greater loyalty, but it can elicit a stronger sense of community within your among your followers.

Integrating With Other Web Properties

As a leader, it’s important to retain a variety of web properties, such as a personal website or blog, to showcase your talents on additional platforms. The purpose of incorporating these properties on your Facebook profile is two-fold. First, you provide followers with a comprehensive look at your virtual
presence — a one-stop shop where they can view all of your online entities. Plus, when you enable Facebook “like” buttons on your other web properties, your audience can tell their own followers about your work, helping spread your message far and wide.

Choosing Between Profiles and Pages

Deciding the most effective structure to showcase your leadership skills is essential, especially within the context of Facebook. Generally speaking, that structure should be determined by the goals you hope to accomplish. For example, Facebook Profiles are a more personal way to connect with followers and can better illustrate your personality. Facebook Pages are often better suited to public figures and organizations and can be seen by everyone online. Both will extend your leadership capabilities, but matching them to the scale of your leadership will help maximize their effectiveness.

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