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CBN.comPerforming live in theatres after obtaining an arts degree from Boston University, Brenda Davis then earned her Communication & the Arts and Divinity degrees from Regent University and didn’t miss a beat when she segued into Christian television broadcasting. However, in 1997, Davis found her niche as the managing editor of a cutting-edge magazine called SpiritLed Woman, thriving once more in the challenge of something new. Whatever Davis undertakes, communication links the stones on her rambling trail.

Davis was surprised when Strang Communications offered her the position as managing editor for a brand new print magazine in 1997. She had limited exposure to magazine production, yet Strang insisted that Davis was the perfect individual for the job. Davis explains that her passion and purpose is “to communicate the gospel through whatever means and tools I have.” Davis’s life goal and knowledge of television journalism provided a foundation for her new communication venue.

Nine years under her leadership, SpiritLed Woman has grown and expanded its offerings. The composition of the magazine is designed to cross all racial, denominational and cultural barriers. Many opportunities for women’s spiritual development are available in SpiritLed Woman in the form of devotions, Bible studies, inspirational articles and personal testimonies online and in print. The magazine contains links to prayer resources and a new blog feature as well as book recommendations. Announcements of upcoming tours like trips to Israel and a mother/daughter cruise sponsored by Brio magazine are included on the website.

After working in a variety of roles with Trinity Broadcasting Network in the 1980s, Davis found herself at a crossroads in yet another transition. She had participated musically and at many levels of production in a once-popular televangelist program. When it suddenly collapsed, the TV staff was eventually set adrift. Davis tells how she then considered her long-held desire to attend graduate school. Davis knew of Regent University through The 700 Club and her own experiences in Christian broadcasting. She knew people who highly recommended Regent University, so it was Davis’s school of choice from the onset.

“Through my studies, my research and the interactions with my professors, I found so many answers to life questions,” Davis says, recalling her time at Regent. She remembers how she entered with “all the wonderful excitement and terror that come with new beginnings.” Davis tells what amazing mentors the professors were as she looked for purpose in her past experiences and hope for the future. She personally considers her Regent experience as a pivotal rebuilding time.

As an intern in The 700 Club features department, Davis worked with a producer who put together “people stories” for broadcast. The life experiences of real people have always been an interest to Davis, so her internship was a dream job. Today Davis has incorporated personal accounts into her magazine as well, knowing the human-interest attraction and assistance to the readers.

After completion of degree requirements at Regent, Davis stayed in the area. It was a time of waiting for direction for her future. Health concerns loomed disconcertingly. Then Davis began writing and learning something about magazine journalism. The pastor of a large local church offered Davis opportunities to write for his church’s magazine. This experience was another stone connecting past to future in Davis’s life.

Achievements abound in Davis’s life. Through a remarkable yet circuitous route to her current destination, she has settled into her journalistic leadership role, bringing a rich variety of good information and pleasurable reading to women. She has dreams for new possibilities, including fresh opportunities to impact the readers of SpiritLed Woman. However, Davis cautions that she doesn’t want to race ahead of God. In humility, she concludes that her availability is as much responsible for her success as ability. “At the end of the day, whether my dreams come true or not, let me be faithful.” One only has to observe Davis’s efforts to see how she has faithfully yielded her talents to a high purpose.

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