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Module 2 - Part 1: The Law of Reciprocity

In Module 2 Part 1, you will learn about the Law of Reciprocity. You will read scripture and commentary based on the law, watch a short video by Pat Robertson about the Law of Reciprocity, and reflect on the lesson materials and the application of the Law of Reciprocity in your own life.

Module 2 Part 1 should take approximately 30 minutes for individual study, but may take longer depending on your individual or group pace.

Please read the short definition of the Law of Reciprocity below and click next at the bottom of the page when you are ready to move on.

The Law of Reciprocity is God's law of "give and take." It is based on the biblical principles, "Give, and it will be given to you" and "Love your neighbor as yourself."


  1. Prayer
  2. Module Scripture
  3. Lesson Commentary
  4. Lesson Review
  5. Video Presentation
  1. Reflection Questions
  2. Action Graph
  3. Journal Notes
  4. What Did You Think?