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Believe for a Miracle

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Believe for a Miracle

By Ken Hulme
The 700 Club

CBN.comAmeng grew up in Indonesia, and like many Buddhist families in town his parents decided to send him to a Christian School—because they knew he would get a good education there. 

 “That was my very first experience hearing about Jesus,” Ameng said.

As a student, Ameng learned about Christ during classes and chapel services, and eventually prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior. 

 “From that moment on,’ Ameng said, “every time I prayed, I prayed in the name of Jesus.”  

Ameng eventually left the school and that would be his last contact with Christianity—until he grew up and married his Muslim wife, who began to suffer with a painful lump on her breast. 
 “We could not afford to see a doctor,” Ameng’s wife Ulan said. “Besides, we were afraid that the doctor might tell us that it was cancer.  We were definitely hopeless.”

That’s when Ameng found Solusi, CBN Indonesia’s version of The 700 Club. He saw testimonies of people healed by God.  Ameng began praying with the hosts—and even sent a text message to the CBN counseling center asking for prayer. 

 “I believed that Jesus could heal my wife,” Ameng said. “Every night I prayed for her.”

And Ameng’s wife Ulan didn’t seem to mind the prayers in the name of Jesus. 

“Ameng really cares for me, and that's why he asked for prayer from Solusi, even if I am not a Christian,” Ulan said. “I understand that he did it because he had faith that I could be healed.”

Remarkably, from the day that Ameng began to pray with the hosts of Solusi, God began to heal his wife.  A short time later, the tumor and the sever pain were completely gone. 

 “I believe it was a miracle,” Ameng said. “God has shown His love to my family.”
A CBN counselor later called Ameng and helped him to pray to receive Jesus as his Savior.   Today Ameng and his little children attend a Christian church, and every day he prays that one day soon his wife will become a Christian too.   

“I would like to say, ‘Thank you, Solusi. Thank you so much for the prayer,’” Ulan said. “I believe that I was healed because of your prayer. It was a miracle.”

“I believe that Solusi could be an answer to this nation,” Ameng said. “Many people were sick and need hope. Solusi could touch and reach them so they would find help in Jesus too.”

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