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Chi-Chung of Hong Kong

A Father, a Daughter, and a Prayer Come True

By Myla Villavicencio
The 700 Club

Chi-Chung of Hong Kong was a funeral master in the Dao religion for more than 10 years.  He prayed for the departed to enter paradise.  Although he was respected in his community, Chi-Chung was deeply unhappy.

“Whenever I saw the relatives of the deceased crying, I felt sad too,” says Chi Chung.  “I got upset so easily.  I turned into a very negative person.”

Chi-Chung couldn’t find peace at home either.  He and his daughter Gi couldn’t seem to talk without it turning into an argument.  Gi just gave up and stopped talking to him.

“He had to be right all the time,” says Gi.  “We had to agree with his opinions just to put an end to the argument.  We stopped speaking to each other.  I left notes on his desk instead.”

But when a friend introduced Gi to Jesus Christ, she began to pray for her father.  She also invited him to witness her water baptism.

“When my daughter was sharing her testimony, she said her dad was a very stubborn person,” says Chi-Chung.  “She said, ‘My greatest wish is that God would lead my dad to believe in Jesus.’”

Gi invited her father to go to church with her.  He met a new friend who was a Christian.  Soon after, Chi Chung started watching CBN Hong Kong’s weekly TV program.

“I was always unhappy, and I wanted to find out how to be happy,” he says.  “I saw real-life stories of people who were happy even if they had a reason to cry.  The host would say, ‘If you want to invite God into your heart, close your eyes, and pray with me.’”  

So Chi-Chung prayed to receive Jesus Christ into his heart as his Savior and Lord.  “Now, I carry the cross of Jesus and walk in His ways,” he says. “I trust Him without reservation.  I rely on Him, and I’ve found my purpose in life.”

Today, Chi-Chung is no longer a Dao funeral rites master and his view of death has changed.

“At my work in the funeral home, I constantly witnessed grief,” says Chi-Chung.  “But at a Christian funeral I saw that a funeral can be happy.  Life should be happy.  I’m certain that by believing in Jesus Christ, we have eternal life.”

Chi-Chung’s home is peaceful now too.

“God gave me back my daughter.  It’s the best gift I’ve received since believing in Jesus!”

The message of Jesus Christ can and does changes lives.  CBN Partners, you make it possible to share the message of Jesus around the world, restoring families like Chi-Chung’s, giving them hope and a new life in Christ.  If you’re not a CBN Partner, please join with us today. 

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