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Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Life

You Can Love Your Work —When Mrs. Shen heard she was going to have twins, she cried - because the doctor told her and her husband that one twin had water on her brain and suggested Mrs. Shen have an abortion.

She remembers well, “My heart sunk when I heard one of my babies might by handicapped.  My whole world just started spinning and it felt like I was going to fall off of a cliff! How could I not even give them a chance to see this world?”

So after the babies were born, the poor couple worked extra long hours to get twin Xin Ran the medical attention she needed.  And against all odds, the water on her brain disappeared.  But Xin Ran had yet another challenge.

“I noticed that if there was a dog barking, my Xin Ran had no response,” says Mrs. Shen.   “She couldn’t even hear it when I rang a bell by her ear. Xin Ran was deaf.”

The Shens used the rest of their savings to buy Xin Ran a hearing aid and send her to speech therapy.  But just as she was starting to make noticeable progress, her hearing aid broke. And there was no way they could afford another one.

“I was so worried about her future,” Mr. Shen confesses.  “She couldn’t go to school anymore.  How would she find a job?”

When CBN heard about Xin Ran, we bought her the best digital hearing aid available.

Mrs. Shen notes, “When she put on her new hearing aid -- she said, I love you momma and papa. I just held her and cried.”

Mr. Shen adds, “She will have a wonderful future. It’s more than we ever could have dreamed of.”

Today Xin Ran is happy and healthy — and doing  just as well as her twin!

“I used to think there was no one who cared in the world, but I was wrong,” says Mrs. Shen.  “You care. You cared about my little insignificant family and reached out your helping hand to keep us from falling off of the cliff.”

Xin Ran concludes, “Thank you for everything!”

CBN partners are making a difference in the lives of hurting people throughout the world. If you are not a partner, please join today. Your gifts make it possible to provide a tangible future to those in desperate need, bring medical services to the sick, help feed and clothe children here at home and overseas, and broadcast a message of hope around the world. Become a CBN partner today!

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