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Feeding the Hungry in Tulsa

By Rich Santoro, The 700 Club

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Mary McLerran of Tulsa, Oklahoma, saw her husband through his fatal battle with cancer. 

“It’s very hard on me because he was my life,” says Mary.

When he died, she lost some of the social security income she needed. Now, she struggles to pay her bills and keep food on the table.

“It’s the meat, the soap, cleanser to clean the bathrooms with,” she explains.

Operation Blessing has teamed up with local groups such as the Genesis Project of Jason Hamlin Ministries. Together, they feed the hungry, and share the Gospel with many in Tulsa who’ve lost their jobs or have simply fallen on hard times.

“It’s a very low-income, very high-crime-rate area. The unemployment is skyrocketing,” says Jason. “People are losing their jobs. And not only is it the poor; it’s affecting the middle class as well.”

Ginger Daulton has come here for the first time. She’s here with her husband, daughter and grandchildren.

“Rent’s high. Utilities are high – out the roof! And then your meals! You’re dropping from $200 a week [for] groceries. Now, you’ve got to stretch $200 for a whole month,” Ginger says.

“It helps us out. It gives us a chance to save a little money, like maybe $20 in our pocket, for gas for next week,” says Ginger’s daughter Ashley.

“We have already given almost $3 million worth of food away just to this one site in North Tulsa,” says Jason.

And everyone is very appreciative.

“All I can say is thank you. It’s good to help out the young and the old,” says Ashley.

“I appreciate it a whole lot, what you’ve done for me,” says Mary. 

There are many more people like Mary, who need someone to come alongside and help.  When you join The 700 Club you make it possible to feed the hungry, heal the sick and preach the Gospel to a world in need.  Join now.

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