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Finding Kindness At Last

By Erin Zimmerman and Amy Reid, The 700 Club

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Freedom from Financial Fear

Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Life

You Can Love Your Work In June of 1942, Sarah Gut and her family were rounded up by Nazi soldiers and sent to a Jewish ghetto in Ukraine. Almost 70 years later, Sarah still carries the scars of the holocaust.

“We were constantly beaten by the whips.  They also had terrible dogs.  Those dogs were really bad. I was bit by a dog.”

Life in the ghetto was brutal, but for Sarah, the escape was even worse.

“When the Germans fled, they bombed us a lot.  In one bombing we ran outside and my husband was killed right away. I fell into a basement with my child, who died next.”

For three days, Sarah was buried alive. She never fully recovered from her injuries. Today, it's hard for her to get out of bed. She spends her days in this tiny room barely seven feet wide. Like many holocaust survivors in Israel, Sarah lives below the poverty line. That's why Operation Blessing Israel is reaching out to help.

Charmaine Hedding, director of Operation Blessing Israel, says, “Many of them were only able to immigrate to Israel in 1989. When they were able to come, they were much older. Many of them were not able to work. So not only did they come with nothing, when they got here, they weren't able to provide for themselves."

Most of Sarah’s small pension goes to medicine and there's not much left for food. So once a month, she makes a list and a team from Operation Blessing buys her groceries. Sarah looks forward to the visits from her new friends.

Charmaine says, “I think in some ways it's been a really healing experience between two of the greatest religions here in Israel. They know that we're Christian and they welcome us. There's something that happens: it's reconciliation, isn't it? And it's certainly what Jesus calls us to."

Sarah says, “Thank you. I do not know how to thank you for remembering us.  We are not many of us left alive.”

Outreaches like this are made possible only with your help. Thanks to you, the people of this community have seen the love of Jesus in action. And it doesn't stop there. Your faithful gifts are helping to feed and clothe children here and abroad, are providing medical care to those in desperate need, and are helping share the tangible love of Jesus to people all around the world. If you are not a partner with CBN, please join now.

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