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Sewing the Seeds of God's Love

Jouberton is a rural township about two hours outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is primarily a black community thats plagued with issues like crime and poverty. Unemployment is definitely a problem. But today, CBN and Operation Blessing are bringing hope into the midst of this circumstance, because today in this city, a sewing center is opening. Terry Meeuwsen went there to check it out.

Terry asked Ken, the director of the project about where the vision for this sewing center began.

"Prostitutes and drug addicts were getting saved but they were going back to their life in the streets because nothing could really hold them," he explains. "There was no livelihood in the church."

That all changed when Operation Blessing, in conjunction with Nehemiah Partners and Sewing the Seed Ministries, set up19 sewing centers in churches around South Africa. Each program strives to teach the basics of sewing, business, and the Bible.

In Jouberton, these seamstresses are growing spiritually and successfully learning how to make denim tote bags. Twenty seven-year-old Ida said that before the program started, she was sitting at home doing nothing. In just two days, the program changed her outlook on life.

"Yes, it will help me and I will be very excited for seeing myself go forward with my life," Ida says.

Sarah is another student who works at a sewing center in Soweto, South Africa.

"Since I started to sew with the people and meet them, I havent had any more difficulties," Sarah says. "I think it is very good for me."

Sarah and her friends have been sewing for one year in Soweto. Theyve made school uniforms and have even been commissioned by a business to make winter coats.

"We truly believe with their perseverance and with the development of the ministry itself, its going to affect the whole community," shares Pastor Mabunda. " In a sense, we want not only those who will be working here to be doing the production, but also the families and their extended families."

The program is still in developmental stages, but within a few years, Operation Blessing would like to set up its own factories, further boosting the economic condition in rural South Africa.

Its all part of Operation Blessings Hope Works initiative, and its easy to see that the plan is working to bring hope to some of the people in South Africa who need it the most. Its also bringing reconciliation to the races.

"Weve been so divided and far away from each other for so many years and now were seeing other people really, white people particularly, getting involved, and we feel that were not alone," remarks Pastor Canny Sofe. " And there are some people really who cares out there.

Bradley Botma is one of those people who care. He spent most of his life climbing the corporate ladder. Today, he supports Operation Blessingss sewing center in Jouberton.

"Its not my success, its not my ability, its what God has given me," says Bradley. And I now want to use those abilities and direct part of my time, part of my resources, part of my ability towards other people. The Lord Jesus didnt walk around saying, this is what I want to do. This is what I want to achieve. He said, what can I do for you? And thats the message that has sunk into my heart. What can I really do for other people?"

Do you find yourself asking the same question? Here's a simple, but powerful truth from God's word: you will reap what you sow. Now is the time to sow into CBN and Operation Blessing and the work that is being done in places like South Africa. Just $20 a month, 65 cents a day, can free 4 woman from lives of prostitution by furnishing sewing machines and training. Your gift can give someone a better future. Join the 700 Club today!

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