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Too Close For Comfort

By Chris Mitchell
CBN News During the recent war between Israel and Hezbollah, Katusha missiles damaged thousands of Israeli homes. 

Many families have had to rebuild their lives. CBN’s Operation Blessing was alongside, helping families through the difficult time.

A Katusha rocket exploded just outside the Tchekloff family’s home.  It destroyed a great deal of the house and came too close for comfort to the people inside, including Ginya.

 “And we started to scream.  We were here; the glass here blast all in pieces.  They cut me here, here, ” Ginya says as she points to the side of her head and arm.  Her grandmother also was cut by the flying glass

The family moved to Israel in 1992, as part of the massive immigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union.  They came with just two suitcases, but gradually built a new life in the Promised Land.

 “It really hurt that all the things we built and gained were destroyed…. And now again we have to start all over,” Ginya’s mother-in-law, Rima explains.

Insurance will not cover damage to the Tchekloff’s home because it’s war-related, and the government has no money to replace household goods.

“The war is over, but we still have all the war here because we didn’t get enough money to build again from beginning.”

That’s where Operation Blessing came in.  Representatives, Bill and Jill Culwell, discovered the family’s situation and decided to help.  They took the family to shop for much needed new appliances.

Operation Blessing paid for the family’s most pressing needs, a stove top, and a heating/cooling unit, making “starting over” a little easier for the Tchekloff family.

“I would like to thank Operation Blessing for doing all this and helping us so much,” Ginya says.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you ...  We had a miracle.  And now, more than ever, I believe in God.”

For as little as 65 cents a day, $20 a month, you can partner with CBN and Operation Blessing to make a difference in the lives of children and adults around the world. Become a member today!

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