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By Ken Hulme and Michelle Wilson
The 700 Club

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Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Life

You Can Love Your Work Life has never been this exciting for eight-year-old Andreas of Indonesia. But just one year ago, things looked much different for this bright young child. Andreas wouldn’t talk to others. In fact he knew only one word: “Mama.”

His mother Lisa says, “I was so worried because children at his age should be able to talk. I tried to learn as much as I could about his condition. But no one seemed to know what was wrong with him.”

Finally they went to see Dr. Albert, who was able to diagnose the boy’s condition. Andreas was autistic.

“His parents brought him to me but I had no medicine to help him,” says Dr. Albert. “So I just gave them my advice so they could start working with him.”

Lisa says, “We began to train Andreas. We spent more time talking to him and asking him to repeat any words that we would say. We did everything we could. We really wanted him to be healed.”

But Andreas didn’t get better. In fact, he showed no progress at all.

“It was very sad for us,” his father Yamu says. “Sometimes people treated him badly just because he would not talk. They even called him ‘crazy.’”

One day Yamu and Lisa watched CBN’s Indonesian program called Kasih and found a new hope in Jesus Christ.

“We watched stories of how Jesus helped people and healed them, and our faith become stronger,” says Lisa. “I believed that Jesus could heal my son too.”

Yamu began to send text messages to the CBN counseling center in Indonesia, asking prayer for his young son.

He says, “Seven days after I sent that first text message, I was teaching Andraes his letters and how to spell simple words. Amazingly he repeated everything that I said!”

Lisa adds, “I was so happy when I heard his voice! Our son began to talk! God has showed His grace to my family!”

Yamu and Lisa believed that God wanted to totally heal their son so they kept on praying and kept asking for prayer support from CBN prayer counselors.

One year later, Yamu send another text messages to CBN —this time to say thanks to God for a miracle! Andreas has been totally healed!

Andreas tells The 700 Club, “I really like to go to the museum. Yesterday I saw a huge snake. Its head is so big. And there is a crocodile too!”

“It is amazing,” Yamu exclaims. “God has done a miracle for Andraes and for us!”

In fact, Andreas is doing so well that his parents have been able to send him to school — something they’d never been able to do before.

Lisa says, “Watching CBN's program Kasih really gives us hope in Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for the program and for all the prayers! God Bless you!”

Your compassion has made a difference in the life of Andreas. If you are not a partner, please join with us today. You will touch lives all around the globe with a message of hope and a tangible expression of God’s love – bringing food, water, clothing, medical care, and so much more, to those in desperate need. Please join with us today.

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