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Jackie Sukumwa

The Birth Of A Miracle

Jackie Sukumwa had a dream. The 30-year-old teacher from Uganda had recently moved to America with her husband, and her heart's desire was to become a mother.

Unfortunately, the dream had virtually no chance of becoming reality.

"It started back home in Africa," said Jackie during an interview with The 700 Club. "I had a problem with my uterus. I used to have continuous bleeding, year in and year out."

Upon her arrival in America, doctors told Jackie that her uterus had actually weakened. They said she would never be able to carry a child to term. Jackie was discouraged, but one morning while watching The 700 Club, she heard a word of knowledge from Pat Robertson. Her spirit soared.

"There's a woman whose womb has been barren," Pat Robertson was saying that day. "You have been unable to have a child, and you are praying right now, 'God hear me.' God has heard you, and you will know the joy of motherhood."

One month later Jackie was pregnant. But her hopes were dashed again when doctors told her the developing baby had serious problems. They said the child would be born with Down syndrome, and that it might even have dual sex organs, both male and female. They recommended an abortion, but Jackie refused to end the pregnancy.

"I said, 'No, I'm going to have the baby and I'm going to pray about it,'" she says.

Jackie and RuthAgainst all odds - and beyond all medical explanation - Jackie gave birth to an alert and healthy daughter named Ruth.

Jackie credits Pat's inspirational word of knowledge for keeping her faith alive during her uncertain pregnancy. And she hopes to use her experience to show others that God still heals and answers prayer.

"God sometimes allows trials," says Jackie. "And when you get out of those trials victorious, I think you're supposed to bless another person who may be going through the same thing."

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