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Wiccan Worshippers Encounter The 700 Club

By Cheryl Wilcox
The 700 Club

In fact, many Americans believe that just "being a good person" guarantees you a spot in heaven. Debbie and Robert Selby professed to be Christians. They were good people, like your neighbors next door. Their search for spirituality went like this.

"We got a computer, started browsing and came upon the Wiccan sites," said Debbie. "We were curious, and it seemed so innocent. Wiccan, we thought, was about the earth and worshipping the earth. And one thing led to another, and we decided, well, yeah, this is the way we will go. We will choose our gods, and we will set up our own faith--whatever we want to believe in."

Within a very short period, Debbie and Robert were deep into the occult and white witchcraft.

"We started writing spells and casting spells," said Debbie. "We would get books. Everything we did was about witchcraft."

"I was looking for the healing aspect of it," said Robert. "That's more the spells I was doing, the healing spells with crystals, herbs and different things like that."

"We felt that this was the power that we needed," said Debbie, "the control that we needed. We could cast spells and make things happen or not happen. We would have the control."

Robert and Debbie were innocently ignorant of the truth about who God really says He is. Their earnest search for spirituality led them on this dark journey.

"We got into it more and more -- and that's when the alcoholism started," said Robert, "the use of drugs, mainly the use of marijuana because that is from mother earth."

"And I would have dreams, torturous dreams," said Debbie, "not nightmares, but night terrors is what I would have."

In the absence of biblical truth, our spiritual hunger is satisfied with counterfeit powers that ultimately lead to destruction. Here at The 700 Club our mandate is to be a relevant voice of biblical truth in the marketplace.

We are committed to television programming that reflects the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. In the wake of the September 11th attacks, we saturated our airtime with calling the nation back to prayer in "50 Days of Faith".

Nearly 100,00 members of our television audience responded with a commitment to specifically pray for people to turn their hearts to the God of the Bible. Hearts were touched and lives were suddenly changed -- just ask Debbie and Robert. They had been watching The 700 Club just to get the number to call up and complain when she heard a message of salvation she hadn't heard in years.

"But every time I would watch it, it would just penetrate me more and more," said Debbie. "God's love, God's love, until finally I was going to ask the Lord to forgive me. So we were watching The 700 Club and I said, 'Bob, I have to tell you I asked the Lord back into my life.'"

"I was feeling the same thing," said Bob, "that I needed to get the Lord back into my life too. God just shook us and told us, 'You are doing wrong.'

"It's just wonderful to be with the Lord."

Join with CBN now and help provide biblical truth to the thousands of hurting people that tune-in each day. Lives are being changed for eternity, just like Bob's and Debbie's. You will also help feed and cloth needy children, help keep The 700 Club Prayer Counseling Center phone lines operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide medical care to those who need a tangible touch of God's love. Join today!

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