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Brain Tumor No Match for God's Power

By Wendy O'Rourke
CBN Staff Writer -Yvonne Sklar, a flight attendant, chalked up her frequent headaches to stress. After all, her mother had just died and her marriage was falling apart. But it wasn't stress - and life was about to get much worse.

During an interview on The 700 Club, she said, "The headaches became so excruciating that I started getting nose bleeds blurred vision heart palpitationseverything just seemed to be going wrong." Her facial features were distorted by pain.

An MRI finally pinpointed the problem: a pituitary adenoma, about 2 or 3 millimeters in size. In other words, a brain tumor.

Her first question was, "Is it cancer?" Her fears were well-grounded. "I had lost my cousin to brain cancer and my mother had died of breast cancer." Doctors said it was not cancer - but without surgery she would live only six months to a year.

But God had other plans for Yvonne's future.

In agony from her brain tumor, Yvonne awoke one night and heard God say, "Turn on the TV." There on The 700 Club Pat Robertson was praying for God's healing power to touch the audience.

"About 10 or 15 seconds into the prayer a super natural force shoved me back," she said. "I felt this feeling like warm honey down the side of my head where there had been all the distortion and pain. I knew I had been healed! I went to the mirror and my face looked normal."

With tears of joy, she called CBN's prayer line. "I didn't have any pain for the first time in probably a year," said Yvonne. "I felt like I'd never been sick."

When another MRI showed the tumor, Yvonne's faith wasn't shaken. "I was feeling great. I was back at work. And I just thought, well, we'll put it in God's hands." Sure enough, the next MRI of her brain confirmed what she already knew in her heart - the tumor was completely gone!

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