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By Rob Hull
The 700 Club

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Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Life

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Brian and Rachel Nelson loved that his job as an aviation mechanic landed them in the Virgin Islands six months out of the year.    

“We were living the high life when we were living in the Virgin Islands,” says Rachel. “Can you imagine living there, not renting a boat to go to another island or, you know, just spending credit cards. You see, you get enticed. There’s all kinds of things to buy.”

They enjoyed that lifestyle for years, but there was one problem; they were using credit cards to pay for it.

“The debt got as high as $40,000,” says Brian. “All of it was credit card debt, because credit cards were easy to access for us.”

“There was a heavy load on our shoulder just pressing down and I couldn’t sleep at night because I was always thinking about ‘how are we going to pay this bill, how are we going to get out of this debt?’ It was like torment,” says Rachel.

Then the job ended and they moved home to Minnesota. Between jobs, they had nothing to fall back on.

Rachel remembers, “We’re living in a one bedroom apartment and it’s surrounded by boxes. And we had enough room to sit on the couch and we slept on the floor on a mattress.”

They knew they needed to make drastic changes, and the first step was getting in line with God’s financial principles.

“We knew that no matter how difficult it was, God had a plan and a purpose for our life,” says Rachel. “And it wasn’t to be in debt. So we knew that we had to do something about that and start going in the direction where we could pay off the bills and start over again and do it the right way – do it God’s way.”

It also meant first giving to God’s work.

“What I’ve learned is I foolishly spent my money on other things when I should’ve been investing in the Kingdom a lot sooner,” says Brian.

They came up with a plan to pay off their debt, cut back on spending, and give more to God and that included giving to ministries like CBN.

“I especially get touched by Operation Blessing,” says Rachel. “Because I know how they go to third world countries; they’re always the first one there when there’s a disaster. And they’re always the last one out.”

Soon after, Brian got a contract with Paul Allen of Microsoft and others to service their private seaplanes.

“Things started to turn around. Our income increased as we continued to tithe outside the normal giving of tithes and offerings,” says Brian

Brian then landed a lucrative job as an aviation mechanic for an oil company on Alaska’s North Slope.

“And I knew the Lord had opened the door and I was hired initially as a contractor before being a full time Conoco employee,” says Brian.

They paid off their debt and Brian is making more money now than he ever has. He and Rachel see their blessings coming from obedience to faithfully giving to God’s work around the world.

“I’m just so blessed,” says Rachel. “I mean, what else can I ask for? I have everything I need. I mean, I don’t feel heaviness. I feel free – like I can breathe. We’re debt-free. So it’s a great feeling. God is good.”

“As I’ve come to a closer walk with the Lord in my giving, my worship, my daily life, the Lord has made a bigger provision,” says Brian. “He’s opened the windows of heaven for me and given me more than I could ever ask or imagine.”

Being obedient to God's truth made an incredible difference for Brian and Rachel. They made themselves available for God's love to flow through them to others, and they are reaping a blessing themselves as well. Join them in partnering with CBN. You will make a difference in lives around the world, through medical missions, food and clothing programs, humanitarian outreaches and so much—all in the name of Jesus. Please join today.

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