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What Will It Take to Live Your Dream Life?

By Audra Haney
The 700 Club

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Jim and Ginger Orem are living their dream life in Alaska. Jim has a senior position with an oil company and Ginger is a top selling realtor. They say their success goes back to giving.

It just seems like the more and more that we give, the more and more things that happen,” Jim said “The more blessings are returned.”

When Jim and Ginger married, he was serving in the Air Force and she had two children from a previous marriage. Right from the start, their budget was tight. Ginger knew they should be tithing, but convincing Jim wasn’t so easy.

“Something that God really laid on my heart was that he would always provide,” Ginger said.

“I didn't know anything about tithing,” Jim said. “When she first started saying, ‘Hey, you know, I want to give,’  I'm thinking, ‘We could use this money for-for so much other stuff, you know?’"

He finally agreed and they started tithing faithfully to their church.
“There were hard times, and yeah, there were many times that I didn't know how I was going to make it till payday,” Ginger said. “But, you know, that's the miracle of God is that he can bring blessings out of the worst drought.”

“You know, and it always seemed like it was right when you needed it, you know?” Jim said. “It was really neat.”

As the couple tithed, their income kept increasing. In 1995, Jim retired from the Air Force and got a great job and several promotions in the energy industry. Ginger got her real estate license and was eventually able to start her own company. Over the years, they also developed a passion for helping others. In 2006, the Orem’s decided to give above their tithe to CBN.

“I love to hear the testimonies of what The 700 Club and CBN is doing,” Ginger said, “every time you hear of a disaster or a flood or an earthquake, CBN is there.  And I feel so good being a partner because that is a way I feel like I can be there.”

Even though they are financially secure now, the Orem’s take nothing for granted. And, they say their blessings come from God and their obedience to give.

“Just give and whatever He wants you to have He'll return,” Jim said.  “And the more I give, you know, the more it seems like, the more comes back.  I consider us, you know, really blessed. I really do.”

“If you have love in your heart and you want to help people,” Ginger said, “give and see if God is not and a man of His word. He will give and He will bless us, according to His riches in glory.”

Being obedient to God's truth made an incredible difference for the Hopwoods. They made themselves available for God's love to flow through them to others, and they are reaping a blessing themselves as well. Join them in partnering with CBN. You will make a difference in lives around the world, through medical missions, food and clothing programs, humanitarian outreaches and so much—all in the name of Jesus. Please join today.

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