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When You Can’t Pay Your Bills…

By Michelle WIlson & Debbie White
The 700 Club

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Sheryl Wagner loves gardening, but she barely has time for hobbies. She’s a single mom with two daughters and a thriving health care business to run. But several years ago when she first opened her practice, the waiting room was often empty and she was also rebuilding her personal life and finances after a divorce.

“I had $3,000 in credit card debt,” says Sheryl. “I owed $6,000 on my car and had about $100,000 in student loans. I couldn’t sleep wondering how I was going to pay everything.”

She did all she could to save money.

“We shopped at thrift stores and did whatever we could to get by,” says Sheryl. “The budget was so tight. I kept using credit cards for food.”

The enormous financial stress brought Sheryl to her knees and she rededicated her life to Jesus Christ.

“When I came back to the Lord, I wanted to make sure that I came back fully and that I followed everything that was in the bible, including the parts about tithing,” says Sheryl.

Sheryl also joined the 700 Club.

“I just trusted God that my income would increase to cover the cost,” says Sheryl.

700 Club gave Sheryl comfort during sleepless nights and after several months of faithful giving, her medical practice began to grow. The following year was even better.

“I realized that I had made $16,000 more when I did my taxes and it enabled me to buy a new home,” says Sheryl.

And Sheryl and her children recently moved out of their cramped apartment into a new home.

“Now that I can provide my daughters the things that they need, I feel so much joy in being the mother I always wanted to be,“ says Sheryl.

Her youngest daughter loves CBN’s Superbook.

“My favorite episode is Revelation because it tells you things that are going to happen and that God will save us,“ says Sheryl’s daughter.
Sheryl is so grateful for God’s blessings that she doubled her pledge to CBN.

“To be involved in what God is involved in is the greatest joy,” says Sheryl. “And God gives back when you are involved in his work.”

Being obedient to God's truth made an incredible difference for Sheryl and her family. They made themselves available for God's love to flow through them to others, and they are reaping a blessing themselves as well. Join them in partnering with CBN. You will make a difference in lives around the world, through medical missions, food and clothing programs, humanitarian outreaches and so much—all in the name of Jesus. Please join today.

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