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How to Succeed in a Tough Economy

By Gorman Woodfin
The 700 Club

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CBN.comCarl Register loves to play pool.  And he knows a lot about pool equipment.  So when he started an Internet business selling pool cues, he only worked the business in the evenings, thinking he could handle the load.  But the business grew so rapidly that within a couple of years, both Carl and his wife, Valerie, left their full-time jobs to focus on their thriving online business.

“I think that anyone can do the type of work that we do” says Valerie, “if they are dedicated and willing to work – but to be successful, to really prosper, you have to follow the principles God laid out in His Word.”

Valerie is speaking of the principles of tithing and giving.  The Registers have practiced them since they were newlyweds.  In fact, Carl was so interested in how these principles worked, he literally tested God and recorded his findings.

“I just wanted to see,” says Carl.  “I was just curious about it.”

Carl increased his usual tithe of 10 percent to 11 percent.  At the same time, he wrote down all weekly earnings.

 “I decided to give an extra one percent, you know, wow, one percent to see if anything would happen,” he says.  “And something did happen immediately.”

So Carl continued with the test.  “So I went to 12  percent instead of 11 percent.   And again, my income increased.   And I was keeping records,” he says.

It came as no surprise when the Register’s Internet business skyrocketed.  “I’ve got everything written down in a notebook, in the building – showing my income, my incremental increases and my incremental increases in my income.  It just kept going, kept going, kept going.  And eventually we were giving 50 percent of what we were making.  Now, our giving is more than our income was when we started the incremental increases,” he says.

One of those places Carl and Valerie give is to CBN.  They’ve been faithful partners for over 12 years.  “Everywhere that CBN goes you can see the hand of God in their work,” says Valerie.  “And it gives us an opportunity to be able to promote God’s kingdom, and to be able to spread his love and the Good News about Jesus Christ all over the world.”

Carl and Valerie believe that the principles of tithing and giving work.   To them it’s not complicated, it’s just being obedient.  “It just defies logic to think that if I give – its going to increase my net worth.  It just doesn’t make any sense,” says Carl.

“You’ll be surprised and amazed at what God can do,” says Valerie. “You can’t out give Him.  And He will bless you.  He’ll bless you abundantly above and beyond what you would’ve ever imagined.”

Carl and Valerie put into practice the biblical truths that they learned on The 700 Club and God, faithful to His Word, supplied their need! God wants to do that for you too.  One way you can give to God is by giving to CBN.  Not only will you help provide biblical truth to people like Carl and Valerie, but you will be helping people around the world with food, clothing, medical needs, and humanitarian aid--all given in the name of Jesus!  Please join today!



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