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Brad and Tabitha Johnson

Looking for a Financial Breakthrough

"We felt like we were going through the motions each month, just getting by. We were in debt, not an insurmountable amount, but debt. We had a house payment, a car payment, credit card debt. It was very frustrating to make payments to all of these debts but still see no light at the end of the tunnel," Brad Johnson explains.

It is a spending story repeated in households across America. Brad Johnson was tired of the grind. Even the family’s credit card balance began grating on his nerves.

"It never goes away," Brad recalls. "You may pay a little bit on it, but there it is again next month at the same level. Even though we felt like we were paying on that credit card, the credit card company loved the balance we were keeping each month."

Then Brad and his wife, Tabitha, made a tough decision: Tabitha would stay home with their children, and the Johnsons would live on one income.

"We were looking for a breakthrough." Brad says.

That breakthrough came, in part, from a television show Tabitha enjoyed watching.

"The 700 Club was a refreshing change from what I had to watch all the time," she says. "I really looked forward to it, and I really grabbed hold of the things that were taught on The 700 Club."

Tabitha realized that one of those lessons was managing money according to God’s Word.

"I began to understand that the reason we were not having a breakthrough was because we were not consistently tithing and giving," she says.

Brad had also found the answer to the breakthrough he wanted for his family through the Word of God. What he found lined up with what Tabitha was hearing on The 700 Club.

"I was pretty excited that the word I received was the word Tabitha had received," Brad says. "How can people who are not really struggling but just getting by say, 'I have to spend more money?' Well, you are not really spending more money. It’s not your money, it’s God’s money!"

The Johnsons became faithful givers and continued to learn from The 700 Club.

"Malachi 3:10 says that if you give the Lord your tithes and offering, He will pour out such a blessing that your house cannot contain it. We decided to believe the Lord and take Him at His word," says Tabitha.

Tabitha made what the Johnsons call a 'debt mountain.' She got the idea from Mark 11:23, which says, 'For I say unto the mountain, be thou removed and cast into the sea and it shall be done.' Tabitha constructed the mountain and wrote all their debts on it.

"In the mornings I would say, 'Debt, you are coming down in the name of Jesus!' Things would happen," Tabitha recalls.

"We would take it one debt at time," Brad adds.

Brad and Tabitha saw God do a miracle in Brad’s insurance business. More and more clients called and Brad’s income grew. Even their mortgage was paid off.The Johnsons with Lisa Ryan at our Nashville studios

The Johnsons love seeing how God is using their CBN dollars to reach the world for Christ. They especially enjoyed a tour of our new Nashville studios.

"When we saw the Northstar studios, it was amazing what God had done for The 700 Club -- how He’d given them such a wonderful facility," says Tabitha. "As you give seed in the good ground, you get a harvest from that."

Brad and Tabitha know the reason they can faithfully support The 700 Club is because God continues to bless them financially. If you need a financial breakthrough, Brad has some advice: "Get into the Scriptures that talk about tithing and God's blessings on you," he says. " You need to understand those. I think at that point you will see your life change."

Just as God provided a financial breakthrough to Brad and Tabitha when they were obedient to His word, He can do the same for you. One way you can give is to partner with CBN. You'll be making a difference in lives the world over, proving food to the hungry, fresh water wells to those in need, humanitarian aid, medical outreaches, and so much more -- and all in the name of Jesus. Please join with us today.

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