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At this very moment, America's armed forces -
men and women, ready to lay down their lives for you
and me - are standing strong in the face of the enemy.
They are our brothers, our sons and daughters,
our fathers, our mothers, and our friends.

We are in the midst of perilous times.
As never before we need to invoke the help of
Almighty God in protecting and guiding our
nation. In Psalm 3:3 the Bible tells us,
“Thou, O Lord, art a shield about me. You are
my glory and the One who lifts my head.”

We urge you to join with us
in praying a shield of protection and
righteousness across our beloved America for our troops and their families.

Please pledge to pray for the next 40 days. Consider fasting something during this critical time. Let God know you mean business as you forego a meal, a TV show, an activity, or whatever God may lead you to do, in order to pray for our nation and its service men and women.

Pledge your prayer and receive a bumper sticker. Enter the name of a loved one in the military and receive special resources to help you triumph in these difficult days. Together we can pray a shield of protection over our loved ones. Please join Operation Prayer Shield today.

Request prayer for a loved one serving in our nation's military. Pledge to pray and request your bumper sticker & prayer card.
Send a note of encouragement
to our armed forces.
View notes of encouragement
for our armed forces.

Notes of encouragement will be posted daily.

Click HERE to view the current list of names to pray for.

You can also send us a picture of your loved one in the military. These non-returnable pictures are being displayed on the 700 Club prayer map. Please mail us a picture at one of the addresses below (note your home state or country on the back).

In the United States and Canada, mail pictures to:
Operation Prayer Shield
CBN Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23463

In the United Kingdom, mail pictures to:
The 700 Club Europe
Box 109
Hereford, HR 4 9XR
Tel: 01-257-422-764 (within the UK)

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