Disasters often strike without warning, giving victims little time to react. Having a plan and being prepared can make all the difference when your family is facing a crisis.

CBN’s Operation Blessing has been at the forefront of helping victims of natural disasters both here in America and around the world. Too often, we’ve heard the question asked: “What could I have done to prepare for this?” Order this special Disaster Preparedness booklet, in which we share some of the insights we have gained to help you be prepared in the event of trouble coming your way.

Get your copy today. In it, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a Family Emergency Plan and why every family should have one. (page 2)
  • What to include in your Emergency Kit (and why to avoid candles). (page 4)
  • How to protect your most important documents. (page 6)
  • Disaster tips to safeguard and prepare against injury and harm. (page 8)
  • How a children’s toy whistle can be a life-saver. (page 8)

Your free booklet will be sent to your home to help protect you when natural disasters strike. You’ll also receive a copy by email—a printable version to share with family and friends. You will have valuable tips that will help you create, manage and execute a plan to keep you and your loved ones protected during a major disaster.

How you prepare for a disaster goes a long way in keeping you safe when it comes. We hope that this guide serves as a helpful tool to aid in your disaster readiness. You’ll also be well prepared for a speedy recovery when it passes.

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