Why is the shield crumbling?

In this three part series, Paul Strand sits down with Bishop Harry Jackson to uncover reasons why God may be lifting His hand of protection from the United States. Could these signs of the time be a consequence of disobedience from the pathways of the Living God?

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  • About Bishop Jackson

    Harry R. Jackson, Jr. is senior pastor of Hope Christian Church, a 3,000-member congregation in the nation›s Capital with his wife Michele. Having earned an MBA from Harvard, Bishop Jackson approaches ministry from a unique perspective. Read more at The Hope Connection.

  • Special Event

    The Reconciled Church: Healing the Racial Divide

    Join Bishop Harry Jackson and T.D. Jakes in Dallas, TX as they host a gathering that is comprised of racially and culturally diverse Christian faith leaders to take practical steps toward racial reconciliation across America. LEARN MORE

  • Books to Read

    Get You Were Born For More Now

    In these pages, Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr., from the forge of his own experience, offers a six-step pathway for restoration and transformation that has been proven time and again, based on unfailing principles set down in God's Word.