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The Passion Recut is a slightly shorter version and less graphically intense presentation of Mel Gibson's original The Passion of the Christ. The Passion Recut opens in theatres March 11. For more about this version, visit

Do you have questions about who Jesus is after watching The Passion of The Christ? Go to our special answers page.

Mel Gibson 'Recut'

In an exclusive interview, 700 Club producer Scott Ross talks with Mel Gibson about the opposition he experiened after releasing The Passion of the Christ, why he decided to release a less violent version, why he was surprisingly not disappointed by this year's Oscar results, and why his faith in God is his ultimate passion.

Changed Lives: Miracles of 'The Passion'

Los Angeles producer Jody Eldred has written a book that documents people whose lives were changed after viewing The Passion of the Christ.

Book Excerpt:
Texas Passion Case

A Texas coroner ruled the murder of Ashley Wilson a suicide, and the killer got off free. But something incredible happened. After watching The Passion of the Christ, the criminal, Dan Leach, turned himself in to the police. Read more about this story that made national and international headlines.

‘The Passion' Named Most Inspirational Movie of 2004

Though it was snubbed at this year's Oscars, The Passion of the Christ received accolades from Christian audiences.

The Purpose of 'The Passion'

The big question remains: what can we learn from this film, which has so impacted our present culture?

An Insider's Look at 'The Passion of the Christ'

Father John Bartunek was privileged to be on the set during the filming of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.

Jim Caviezel Talks About Playing Christ in 'The Passion'

"This film forces you to see yourself," says Jim Caviezel who played Jesus Christ. There are no passive onlookers here."

Part Two: Miracles on the Set: Behind the Scenes of 'The Passion' with Jim Caviezel

'Passion' Snuffed Out at Oscars by Political Correctness and Murder

"Instead of giving the Best Picture Oscar to Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, those awards went to two movies advocating euthanasia," writes Movieguide Magazine's Ted Baehr.

CBN Special Booklet

The Passion - Prophecy Fulfilled

Download your copy of this booklet, examining the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.


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