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Suppose you were told that you could ask God any one question. What would you ask? And would your question be the same one most of us would choose to ask? CBN sought the help of the Gallup Poll organization in identifying those questions. The answers to those questions are founded on the Bible, the authoritative Word of God.

Who Is God?
His reality, characteristics and scope.

Jesus Christ: Savior and Lord?
His birth, unique attributes and provision.

Where Are We From?
Our origin, features and problems.

Where Are We Going?
Our purposes, choices and destiny.

Salvation: Entering the Safety Zone
God's law, sin and faith.

Salvation: Living in the Safety Zone
Failings, options and accountability.

Holy Spirit: Your Power Source
Receive wholeness and gifts.

Holy Spirit: Increase Your Power
Prayer, miracles and healing.

Church or Cult?
Recognition and beliefs.

Angels Vs. Demons
Descriptions, power and the devil.

Marriage: Great Sex and a Biblical Relationship
Benefits, obligations and divorce.

When Is Jesus Returning?
His return, preceding events and the Antichrist.

Judgment Day
Rapture, resurrection, judgments and the millennium.

Where Does God Go to Church?
Church description, differences and our response

Today's Family Issues
Homosexuality, abortion and discipline.

I Pledge Allegiance - Part 1
Government's purpose and our duty.

I Pledge Allegiance - Part 2
Government Authority and our obligations.

Ethics: A Christian Viewpoint
Commandments, virtues, vices, employees and more.

Ethics: Who Will Know...?
Lying, overcoming evil and our actions.

Will God Talk to Me? And Other Questions
God's guidance, our nature and happiness.


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