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This Far And No More

By Martha Noebel
CBN Staff Writer -- As the mother of two teenagers, I'm sure I am not the only one that sometimes worries about their kids. We can't be with them all the time as much as we would like. My children are now driving cars and keeping quite busy with school, jobs, church activities, etc. But God showed me a wonderful truth recently, and I want to share it with you.

My son decided one Sunday morning to drive to Elizabeth City, North Carolina, so he could attend church with a friend of his. I thought it was nice since we live in Virginia and he doesn't get to see her often. It never crossed my mind that anything dangerous could happen to him that day. It just didn't seem like a big deal.

When he came home, he told me something that really shook me up. After church, he and his friend, along with her parents, decided to eat out at a local restaurant. While sitting at the table enjoying their meal, an elderly woman lost control of her car and drove into the diner where they were eating. The car moved quickly through the front windows, across the room, and stopped within 20 feet of my son's table.

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. My child and his guests could have been seriously hurt or worse. Instead, they were spared from this disaster without a scratch. In fact, they just continued eating with little interruption.

As I thought about the day and thanked God for keeping my teenager from harm, the Lord spoke to my heart this phrase, "this far and no more." It was as if God put the word out that Satan could scare Daniel but he could only come within 20 feet of him. He was not allowed to hurt him. The devil cannot touch what is ours without God's permission (Job 38:11 NLT) reminds us, that God tells the seas where to stop. He said, "thus far and no farther will you come." God is all-powerful! Even the oceans must obey His commands.

It was also a test of my faith. Do I really trust God with my children? Can I peacefully allow my kids to go to college, take trips out of state, and begin their own independent lives, knowing that God is with them? Yes, I can trust Him to take good care of what belongs to me. He has certainly shown Himself faithful to me and my family in the past.

My son may not fully realize what happened to him that day. But I could see that God has an awesome destiny for him. It was not his day to die but it was his day to live. God has purposes and plans for Daniel's life that are yet for him to know. The beginning of that week was my proof. Daniel was helping a minister move his furniture. When they were finished the preacher prophesied over my son. It was an awesome word that just proved to me that God was nowhere close to being finished with him.

The bottom line is that I can believe God for the welfare of my husband, children, dog, house, cars, and anything else that has been placed in my life. The enemy can only come but so far and then he must stop.

Join me in surrendering our worries and cares concerning our families to the Lord. We can believe Him for whatever comes our way and know that He will give us the strength we need. We have a future and a hope. As David said, "All day long I put my hope in you" (Psalm 25:5b NLT).

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