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Daily Devotion

The Flood and The Blood

By Dan Betzer
Guest Writer -- Recently our church presented a drama of Noah and the Ark, complete with a massive wooden ship right in the sanctuary. There were many terrific animals in the production, including a 1400-pound zebra, an alligator, a python, a leopard, a lion, some monkeys, birds, and you name it. Thousands of children, teens, and adults sat there with eyes like golf balls--especially when the storm hit with thunder, winds, and rain!

I have wondered what this planet was like before the great deluge. Many believe that there was more living space on Earth then, compared to the present 58,000,000 square miles that are only about a third of the total surface. Some believe that England was connected to the mainland of Europe before the flood. Fossils of plants have been found in great deserts such as the Sahara, indicating that there was once lush vegetation there.

Some think that the eastern coast of North America extended much farther eastward into the Atlantic and in the northern parts was even connected to Europe. We believe that western Kansas was once underwater and the home of great marine reptiles.

Genesis 6 begins the amazing story of Noah, a man of faith and conviction who God used to spare humanity. Over a period of decades, he and his boys laboriously constructed that 450-feet long Ark that would carry family and a bunch of animals to safety. The Ark was made of wood, the same as another implement of divine safety, the cross of Jesus Christ.

In Noah's time, those who availed themselves of the Ark survived. In our day, those who avail themselves of the blood of the Cross have abundant life beyond measure.

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