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Daily Devotion

Grace Street

By Missey Butler

Have you ever pondered something over and over in your head, but for some reason, you just can’t quite wrap your mind around it? It is so lofty and so ethereal that even your thoughts have a hard time attaining to it. That’s what always seems to happen to me whenever I try to mentally compartmentalize the astounding virtue of God’s grace.

The more you try to comprehend it, the more it manages to slip through the determined grasp of all your reasoning powers until it gently floats down to the welcome mat of your heart. There, it patiently waits for you to open the door.

I opened that door one day in my own life when I began to understand that true grace in its simplest form means His enabling presence. When we humbly abide with Him, He gives us the ability to do whatever He has called us to do. That’s what grace is.

I live in a town that prides itself in having a rich, historic background. I love to ride my bike down the cobblestone roads that are lined with stately Victorian mansions. There is one particular street that I always seem to end up on, and it’s called “Grace Street.” I just love to linger there and admire the quaint beauty and detailed design of the timely old estates, and sense the peace and tranquility that always seem to be there whenever I arrive.

I have a strong suspicion that my being so smitten with this particular avenue is directly related to my new understanding of what grace is and how it has carried me to a new level of ease and trust in the wonderful Grace-giver Himself, our Sovereign God.

As I gaze at the amazing detail of these grand old homes and imagine the generations that have come and gone within their walls, I can’t help but be reminded of Jesus’ famous words:

“In my Father’s house there are many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you. I go and prepare a place for you” (John 14:2).

O, Lord, I have a special request. When you begin to prepare my mansion, could you be sure to do one thing for me? Could you possible make it so that my heavenly abode has the same address as the street that I have come to love so very much? You know the one I’m thinking of. I would love for my new home to be located somewhere… anywhere… as long as it’s on Grace Street!

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