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By Missey Butler
Guest Writer -- A few Saturday’s ago I found myself engaged in a rather heated debate with my sweet significant other—AKA my husband. Our body language began to speak loudly as we individually locked down into the dreaded folded arms posture, stubbornly standing toe to toe on the ground of our separate positions. It was becoming more and more apparent that no white flag of surrender was going to appear on the horizon anytime soon.

So what did I do? I took myself and my wounded ego out to the front flower bed to do some serious weeding and hopefully “vent” some frustrations at the same time.

With garden spade in hand and an unrelenting resolve, I proceeded to unearth the ground with great fervor. Dirt and mulch started flying everywhere. I was going at it like there was no tomorrow. Then suddenly, from behind my right shoulder, I heard the voice of my neighbor Melainie say, “What’s the matter, Missey? You look like your halo is a little tilted today.” I looked up at her with potting soil littered all over my face and hands, and we both just broke out laughing! She was just what I needed.

As we began to talk, she soon shared some of her own experiences. While she was speaking, I quietly exited from her presence in my mind to thank God for sending her to me. As I looked up at her smile, I thought to myself, She probably doesn’t even realize that she was sent this morning by divine appointment to walk across the street, and in her light-hearted way, to help me to NOT take myself quite so seriously.

Yep, it’s amazing to me that the world managed to continue spinning on its axis as my little tiff quickly dissipated into a “What was the big deal anyway?” kind of moment. My earth shattering problem did not seem to be nearly as monumental as it appeared only moments before.

The often used statement that “Christians are not perfect…just forgiven” is true! God understands our humanness more than we give Him credit for. That’s why many times He has to reach down and adjust our halos by dispatching one of His “On Call” angels. Those friends, loved ones, and sometimes even strangers who “appear” at just the right moment with a friendly ear or a kind word help us to step outside of ourselves long enough to begin to see things in a brand new light.

Help me, Father, to return the favor, by always being ready at Your command in case You decide to use me to help “re-adjust” someone else’s halo that might have become a little “tilted” by life’s unexpected circumstances. I consider it a privilege to be counted among that special group of people known as the A.O.C. – “Angels On Call.” I am ready to help out at a moment’s notice!

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor; For if they fall, the one will lift up his companion” (Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10a).

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