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Beyond the Snowdrifts

By Michael Plemmons
CBN Staff Writer -- I believe in my heart that Father God is reaching out today to the wounded heart. There are millions of hurting desperate souls all around us. These are the ignored ones, the wounded ones, the ones who choose to live in emotional isolation because the internal wounds are so harsh and traumatic. We see them all around us. Sometimes it is hard to see the truth because we all tend to hide the hurt and pain behind a façade that masks the turmoil on the inside.

I speak today to the wounded heart for which life is an endless winter. Winter can be a hard cruel mistress. It strips the mind and heart of hope and life. So many hearts have known the icy blast of rejection and sorrow. So many souls have seen the cold icy blasts of winter bring a cold chill to their hearts. Their hearts, like the ground in a winter chill have grown cold and hard. Winter strips the earth of all life, and millions of souls hunger for just a kind word, a loving hand, something or someone to reach out to them in love and compassion.

Yet all around them they can only see the deep snowdrifts of oppression. So many are trapped in loveless relationships where domineering cold hearts exercise a tyrannical hold, and this has gone on for so long they have lost all hope. For winter stifles any attempt at life. One by one, winter drives the leaves from the trees and imposes its cold hard outlook on the horizon. One day follows the last and each day brings with it new wounds, new hurts, new reasons for despondency and despair.

To that wounded lost soul, there is a heart that is moved with compassion for you. Father God loved you so much that he sent his son to die in your place. He did this not only to bring forgiveness of sins, but also to open brand new vistas of love and compassion. Jesus brought hope, love, and healing in all its forms, everywhere he went in his earthly sojourn among us. The wounded, such as the prostitute Mary Magdalene, found in him a man who looked beyond her lifestyle. He saw beyond to the wounds of the heart and gave love for judgment, hope for despair, and dignity for oppression.

He died and rose again, and by that resurrection has forever more established a holy, loving connection to the hearts of all men. To all those wounded souls, who have only known the icy winds of hurt and despair, his heart is open to you. Jesus came to bring in a new season to replace the heartlessness that the wintry blasts of despondency and rejection place in the human heart.

He will bring the wonder of spring into our hearts. His heart is grieved by all the suffering we have endured. Spring is the very antithesis to winter. It brings warmth to the cold hard ground that winter imposes. Jesus will take the cold hard ground of your wounded heart, and by his love and compassion restore and heal the wounded places in your heart. Spring prepares the ground for new life where only lifelessness existed before. Where winter covers the earth with ice and snow, spring gently caresses it with warm gentle spring showers that bring healing in its wake.

Wounded heart, there is someone who will bring true love and joy back into your life. His heart grieves for the suffering you have endured. He wants you to share with him your pain and despair. He will forever more erase the pain of the past and infuse in your heart the light and freshness of spring. Where once there had been only the cold lifelessness of winter, the budding of life that spring brings shall come alive in your heart.

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. (John 10:10 NLT)

More Devotions on Spiritual Life

More on Spiritual Life

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More Devotions by Michael Plemmons

Michael is a Partner Service Representative at CBN, and has been in active ministry for more than 30 years. He resides in Virginia Beach.

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