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Early Morning Adventure

By Kathy Schultz
Staff Writer I am so tired. I took my daughter and granddaughter to the airport this morning at 5:00 a.m. The trip to the airport turned out to be a somewhat frustrating yet funny time.

After arriving at the airport, Alexandra my granddaughter managed to trip over her suitcase and land on the floor. Then when I tried to get in line, I ducked under the ropes and knocked them down. My daughter informed us we were in the wrong line and that we needed to move. Of course, she did not want to be seen with the two of us after all the confusion.

About this time the airport employee checked in my granddaughter's luggage. Big crocodile tears came running down her cheeks. She did not understand why the man was taking her suitcase. This was a little girl's dream suitcase. It was pink and purple bought especially for this trip. It was her first suitcase ever and she did not want this stranger taking it from her. We had to stop and reassure her that she would get the suitcase back at the end of the journey. She then had to place her backpack on the conveyor belt and we got apprehensive. Thankfully, she could see where that was going. We told her that she could retrieve it in a moment.

As if that weren't enough, we went to the designated area to wait for our flight and over the intercom came an announcement for "Washington/Dulles". Wouldn't you know, she piped right up and told us she did NOT want to see George Washington. She wanted to go to DisneyWorld. My daughter Cindy was undone at that point and we both howled. What a morning!

I left them both going down the ramp, hand in hand, headed for the airplane that would take them to Orlando and it wasn't even 6:00 a.m.! After I left the airport, I made a couple of stops at the store and off to work I went. I was at work by 7:15 a.m. It felt like the day should soon be over but it was only beginning.

Have you ever had a morning like this? God must laugh with us. I remember thinking about how we thought we were prepared before leaving for the airport. Somehow, you never plan for the mishaps that occur. No one thought to explain to my granddaughter how the suitcase would be taken from her. In our minds we had prepared her for the trip, but we obviously forgot some of the details. Certainly, we did not think of how they would announce the flight. This little girl had to put her trust in us, the airline, the pilots, and people she had never seen before. Fortunately, she was there with her mother, who would guide her through to her destination. She knew she could trust her Mom and just needed to hold tightly to her hand.

Whom do we place our trust in? Do we trust in God? We need to be like Alexandra, even when things are going poorly in our estimation. We need to hang on to God. He will see us through!

And those who know Your name will put their trust in You, For You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You (Psalm 9:9-11 NASB).

O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge (Psalms 62:5-8 New Living Translation).

Do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord, no matter what happens (Hebrews 10:35, 36 New Living Translation).

The Lord is my strength and my shield: my heart trusts in Him and I am helped (Psalm 28:7 KJV).

My daughter called that evening to say they had arrived safely. Excitement and joy filled my granddaughter's voice as she told me she had already seen Mickey Mouse! She made it to her destination just as we promised she would. It is such a joy to trust in our loved ones and in our God. He will not fail us.

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