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Spiritual Parenting: Spiritual Formation

By Michelle Anthony
Guest Writer

At its core, Spiritual Parenting is not a book on “how to parent.” It’s a book about how to view your role as a spiritually minded parent, the God-given role that is yours alone.

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Marriage: Realistic Expectations?

In the midst of the power of premarital romance, it is very hard to get yourself to want to take a hard and honest look at reality. You are in love, and you are sure that everything will work out right.

God's Definition of Love

If I talk a lot about God, the Bible, and Church, but I fail to ask about other people’s needs, I’m simply making a lot of empty religious noise.

Legion: Is God Still Angry?

The question that kept going through my mind after watching this anti-biblical film was, "What if Lucifer wanted to write a movie giving his side of the story?" I concluded that it would look very similar to this film.

Are Your Tenets of Faith Intact?

How a follower of Christ can ignore the existence of Satan and the Holy Spirit is beyond me. Yet, that’s what many have done, according to The Barna Group.

Lost at the Beach

God’s relentless love for his children could have revolutionary consequences for the Church and for our world today if God’s people would also understand, embrace, and put into practice the Father’s desperate love for the lost.

Satisfy Your Craving

Have you ever had a craving that wouldn’t go away until you could obtain the tasty treat you desired?

No 'Big Losers' Here

A heartwarming scene during a recent episode of NBC's The Biggest Loser reminded me of an important spiritual truth.

2009: Leave Your Baggage Behind

So often we carry around burdens that we do not need to bear. This can be your year to find freedom.

Switch Off the Autopilot

When you squeeze shower gel into your hair instead of shampoo you know that something is terribly wrong.

It's the Little Things

Whether it's in our families, our workplaces, or our communities, it’s often the little things that matter most.

When Can I Rest?

In a fast-paced world where we are always on the go, it seems there is no rest for the weary. How can we keep from getting too worn out?

Friends Aren't Friends Forever

Don't let feelings of betrayal or rejection from your past taint how you see yourself or the way you interact with God, like I did.

What Now, Lord?

It may sound slightly irreverent, but I felt like I’d already come through a series of these spiritual “growth spurts,” and I was tiring of the routine.

Through the Dark Night

In the middle of a storm sometimes the best thing you can do is hold onto Jesus tightly until the dark clouds clear.

Lessons from the Night

The Lord taught me many valuable lessons from my dark night of the soul experience.

Can You See Me Now?

I sensed that God was telling me, I see them. I see your friends, and I know their trials. I love them even more than you do, and I have great plans for them.

A Crack in the Heavenlies

I have been desperately trying to please God and understand His will, so this lack of clarity really has me scratching my head.

A Skeptic's Guide to God

Everything that God created had purpose. Even the order in which He created the sun, water expanse, and the plants was reason-based.

Are You Driven or Called?

A New Testament contrast I would point to in describing the difference between being "called" and being "driven" would be that of the disciples John and Judas.

What was the primary title that Jesus used to describe himself during his earthly ministry?

Discover the answer to this question and nine more from our "Foundations of the Faith" theology quiz. And join Pat Roberston and other Bible teachers and theologians for an in-depth exploration of the basis of Christian belief from Foundations of the Faith.

Insight into God's Guidance

My prayer is that the seeker and the unsaved would come to know Jesus through reading this book and that they would learn to do just that -- cast their cares on the Lord and trust in His leading.

Superman's Messianic Message

Superman is not Jesus Christ. But he is a Christ figure, a figure resembling Christ—as we all should be.

How Do Spiritual Gifts Work?

Some of the men and women whom I greatly admire hold a different view from me on this issue, so it is with the utmost respect for them that I offer you my alternative view.

The Creator is Greater

Before you start focusing all your energies on what has been stolen from you, look first at what has been created in you. What has God done in you and for you?

The Sometimes Painful Road of Faith

Sometimes I think more clearly when I pray to God on paper. Here are some of my honest thoughts taken from an entry in my personal journal.

What Does Your Horoscope Really Say?

Does it really matter that my friends and I read our horoscopes just for fun? To God it does matter.

Take a Hike

I was focusing on the wind and the waves instead of on the very practical and very capable Jesus who slept calmly in my boat while I was flailing around.

Waiting for Sunrise

Grace is for tragedy. Grace is for heartache. Grace carries you when the road gets too rocky and when the night get too long. We can’t make it without grace...

The Magazines

"Satan knows that one of the most effective ways to get to any of us in ministry is to get to our children. He got my attention all right. Then God got my attention," says Bible study teacher Beth Moore.

Ransomed from Bulimia’s Battlefield

A former bulimic reveals what was eating at her and how she obtained divine strength to overcome.

Divine Direction: Bringing God into Your Big Decisions

Standing at the brink of a life-changing decision, Lindsey must wrestle with the pros and cons of her subsequent actions.

Stillness: A New ‘Frame’ of Mind

A local art show becomes the venue for a God moment based on Psalm 46:10.

Guess Who’s Serving Dinner?

When I strolled into church on Sunday morning, no sooner had I taken about 20 paces, than my Bible study leader flagged me down and asked me in person to help host that evening’s event. I reluctantly said yes.

Spiritual Lessons from the Dog

My former roommate's dog, Frupper, is a source of biblical inspiration.

How to Walk in God’s Abundant Life

Avoid three pitfalls to find fullness of life.

Born for Adversity

I was reading in Matthew 13:24-30 recently something that made the wheels turn.

Banish the Perfectionist

Help for when you have reached that proverbial state referred to as "hitting a wall."

Hannah's Hope

This is your life, in fact. Barren. Empty. Full of wilderness. Here's hope.

Christian, Where Are You?

Do you know what your spiritual orientation is? If I were to give you the compass of the Holy Spirit, could you find True North?

I Told God No

My pursuit of the Holy Spirit took a desperate turn when God graciously showed up.

Start Small and Let God Do It All

If we want to do something in life then we can't wait for our big breaks to show up. We have to make a start.

My Winter Wedding Weekend

The last thing I wanted to do was hop into my car and drive 250 miles all by myself in dangerously cold conditions, get stuck in traffic, and completely miss my friend's wedding.

When God Speaks, We Should Listen

Two days before the September 11 tragedy, on a Sunday afternoon, I was compelled to pray to the Lord.

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