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Catch the Fire Soaking Prayer Centers

CBN.comPlease contact the Regional Coordinator in your area for more information on Soaking Prayer, Soaking Prayer Centers, Events & how to host a Soaking Event in your area:

National Office USA: Raleigh, NC
9225 Leesville Road
Raleigh, NC 27613
[email protected]
no fax

National Coordinator USA: Stacy Long
[email protected]

Mid West: Larry and Elaine Leonard
[email protected]

North East: Lance and Beth Harrison
[email protected]

East: David & Corinne Robison
[email protected]

South East: Tom & Ann Bottenhorn
[email protected] 

South: Buck & Anna Eaton
[email protected]

South West:
[email protected] 

North West: Bill & Linda Boone
[email protected]

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Check out the Spiritual Gifts Webcast Homepage

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