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Miracle Healings in 'The Florida Outpouring'
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Miracle Healings in 'The Florida Outpouring'

By Julie Gillies
Guest Writer

CBN.comEditor's Note: Reports are flooding in that a healing revival is breaking out in Lakeland, Florida -- now being dubbed 'The Florida Outpouring.' Because of the continuing manifestation of the Holy Spirit through healing and salvations, evangelist Todd Bentley has extended the meetings, which are now being carried by God TV. Due to the influx of visitors from around the world, the venue was recently changed from Ignited Church in Lakeland (which sat about 700) to Auburndale Life Church, which seats 3,000. After only a few days the meetings were again moved to The Lakeland Center, a concert arena that seats 10,000.

Contributing writer, Julie Gillies, reports that on a recent Friday night there were more than 1,000 people lined up in the sizzling parking lot, waiting for a chance to get inside. "The overflow room was filled and hundreds were eventually turned away. The intensity of the meetings, which sometimes last until 2:00 a.m., continues to increase. God’s glorious presence is literally tangible. It is an amazing experience to be not only in a crowd of diverse, fervent worshippers, but in God’s manifest presence."

Julie has attended several of these meetings and files this report on two miraculous healings that have taken place in recent weeks.

Surprise Disease, Surprise Healing

Their year of anguish began simply enough. In January 2007, Matthew Pattison decided to purchase new life insurance. A healthy, athletic 30-year old with no medical history of illness, he thought nothing of the routine blood work required by his new insurance company. Until he received the surprising news that he had been turned down for coverage.

Puzzled, Matt spent the next few days chasing down the exact reason he was denied a policy. Later that week an explanation finally arrived in the mail with what Matt assumed was an error. “I’ve tested positive for Hepatitis C?” Another test indicated that his liver function was not normal. Approaching his wife with the test results, he shook his head. “This has got to be wrong. Obviously they’ve made a mistake.” Jacque could not agree more.

By his own admission, Matt’s life was completely boring. Referred to as Mr. Clean by those around him, Matt had never touched drugs or engaged in what would be considered risky or immoral behavior. In fact, he didn’t so much as share his food with another person until he was in his twenties. He jokingly refers to himself as “boringly normal, with no real testimony except I am Mr. Clean.” Matt remained confident that follow-up blood tests would find no trace of the disease.

Yet ten days later, Matt and his wife wept over the awful truth: Matt had indeed contracted Hepatitis C. His doctor recommended that he see a specialist to begin treatment right away.

Lying on his bed at night, Matt replayed the startling events in his mind. According to the doctor,  the specific Hepatitis C in his blood was the most difficult to cure, with a mere 20% cure rate for those who pursued treatment. His emotions reeled as he battled with God, attempted to sort out his own emotions and sought to comfort Jacque.  He wondered how this would affect his marriage and his two young children, Austin, 2, and Brandon, 1. He worried about his parents and extended family and hoped his diagnosis wouldn’t be too much for them to bear. Mostly, Matt pondered what he might have done to bring on this devastating disease.

Then Matt’s mom, Janet Pattison, remembered that Matt had been given a blood transfusion when he was a baby. The entire family prayed. Attempting to stand in faith, Matt initially decided to delay treatment. He felt certain that the Lord was going to heal him. Yet several months later, when his faith had climbed to new levels, God impressed him to begin the medical treatment. Confused, Matt says, “It was totally backwards. I expected not to have to go through with treatment, yet God clearly told me to begin.”

So, Matt approached the specialist and pleaded for one just more blood test to be done. “I need to take this test one more time.” He explained. “I need to give my God a chance to heal me. If He does, I’m going to give Him the glory, but if he doesn’t I’m going to begin treatment. But that’s okay – either way is fine.”

The doctor shook his head in disbelief. “Believe me, Matt, you have this disease. And for the price of these blood tests you could take your family out for a nice meal instead.”

Matt remained determined, and the doctor acquiesced. The results showed the Hepatitis C still present, though the number of units of the disease in his blood had fallen somewhat, a strange but encouraging turn of events. Matt and Jacque believed that the Lord had already begun the healing process.

Several weeks later, on a recent Monday evening, Matt attended what is now being dubbed The Florida Outpouring in Lakeland, Florida. Matt watched as Todd Bentley stood on the platform praying for the sick. Mid-sentence, Todd interrupted his own prayer, turned and pointed his finger right toward Matt. “There is someone here with Hepatitis C. God is healing you, and you’re going to live.” The glorious power of God touched Matt right in his seat. When he arose, Matt knew he had been healed.

The following morning Matt received the news he had longed to hear for over a year. Lab reports indicated the Hepatitis C was completely eradicated from his blood. Thrilled, he and Jacque wept together throughout the entire day, utterly amazed at God’s healing power.

 “My desperation level for God has just skyrocketed.” Matt says. “I’ve already been given the chance to pray for many people now because God has healed me. I was a boringly normal person, but now I have an amazing testimony that’s reaching all around the world.”

Breaking the Chains of Diabetes

Angie Aguilera & FamilyInitially diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 1987, Angie Aguilera endured painful insulin shots during all three of her pregnancies. After her third child was born in 1996, however, Angie’s blood sugar levels never returned to normal, and she was forced to continue taking oral medication to treat the disease.

Three years ago this worship leader and elder’s wife realized that the oral medications she took each day were no longer effectively controlling her diabetes; painful daily insulin injections once again became an unwelcome part of her life. Then, in the past six months, Angie noticed that her diabetes was becoming still worse; many days she had to take two insulin injections to control her wild blood sugars.

Prompted by a friend, on April 8th of this year Angie, her husband, Pablo, and their children attended a Todd Bentley healing meeting at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida. “As the service began, the worship leader, Roy Fields, invited the congregation to participate in a prophetic act.” Angie said. “He instructed the worshippers to lift their arms up and place their wrists together, as if they were chained. Then, on the count of three, they would ‘break the chains’”.

It proved to be a meaningful moment for Angie’s youngest son, Aaron, who sat next to her. “I saw your diabetes shrivel up and fall off you, Mom.” He told her, with tears in his eyes.

Soon Todd Bentley stood on the platform and announced there was a special anointing for diabetes. As he spoke, his finger pointed directly toward the back of the room where Angie sat with her family and friends. “I just felt like the clouds parted and a lightning bolt fell from the sky.” Angie said, describing the powerful encounter that brought her and a friend to tears.

The next morning when the time came for her usual insulin injection, Angie vacillated. Fear welled up in her; without the medication she had lived on for three years, she could become very ill – or die. “Should I take the medicine or take a giant step of faith?” She asked her husband, Pablo as she held the vial in her hand.

“Either you’re healed or your not.” Pablo declared. “Just stand on the word God gave you.”

It has now been four weeks since Angie’s last insulin injection, and her blood sugars continue to remain completely normal.

“It’s been a process.” Angie admits. “Right now God is teaching me how to eat and how to live by being in tune with Him. The Lord is drawing me closer to Him every day. Whatever God says, I’m walking this out, and praising Him every step of the way.”

Revival Updates: Watch for Julie Gillies' ongoing reports from 'The Florida Outpouing' on Craig von Buseck's ChurchWatch Blog, exclusively on

Related ChurchWatch Blog: Healing Revival Reported in Lakeland, Florida

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Julie GilliesJulie Gillies is a freelance writer and speaker. She has written more than 40 articles for The Bradenton Herald. She is a contributing writer to the book Daily Devotions for Writers, by Patricia Lorenz, and is published in Cross and Quill magazine. She is also the founder and leader of Word Chicks, a writer’s critique group. Julie currently lives in Bradenton, Florida with her husband, Keith, and two of their three children, whom she has home schooled for twelve years. She is the proud mom of a son serving in the U.S. Army, and the happy Grammy of three. Visit Julie’s blog at

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