Superbook Devotional Resources: The First Christmas

Day 1

Watch the full Superbook episode, "The First Christmas" and join Chris, Joy and Gizmo on their adventure to discover the true meaning of Christmas!

The full episode is available for free on the Superbook Website or in the Superbook Bible App

Day 2

Learn more about Mary, Joseph and the angel Gabriel. Visit the Superbook character guide and select one of the Bible chracters to find out more!

You can also watch a special Superbook Academy video about the Biblical prophecies that predicted Jesus's birth.

Day 3

To truly celebrate Christmas, we need to understand why God sent Jesus. Watch Chris or Joy as they help explain why God sent Jesus for you! Have a slow internet connection? Watch this slideshow.

Day 4

Do you know someone that needs to know Jesus? Share with them how they can know God by going to the Superbook Website or the Superbook Bible App and watching the "Want to Know God" presentation.

Day 5

Discover how to worship God in all areas of your life with Gizmo's Bible Adventures - a 30 day devotional created for kids and parents to enjoy together!

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