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Building a Lasting Legacy

Mike and Liz both had parents that set amazing examples with their money—so they followed in their footsteps within their own marriage. Now they want to share their legacy with you too. Hear their story. Read Transcript

(VOICEOVER): Mike and Liz Brown spent their lives

working in the school system.

Liz was a counselor.

Mike was a high school principal.

I absolutely loved working with people, families

and children.

And particularly enjoyed my role as school counselor.

And just serve as a resource to them

in whatever way they needed.

(VOICEOVER): The Browns have been frugal spenders

with their limited incomes, but they have given generously

to people around the world.

LIZ: Both of our parents gave us examples in giving.

And so giving for Mike and I was something that came naturally.

God teaches that lesson, that 90% is really more

than you deserve.

And as long as you're giving God his 10%,

I never had trouble, never had trouble making ends meet.

(VOICEOVER): Liz's parents had been longtime members of CBN.

And Liz wanted to follow in their footsteps.

So years ago, she and her husband became CBN partners.

Their donations have directly funded water wells

around the world.

They've even helped build a physical therapy

center in Mongolia, where disabled children

learn how to walk.

LIZ: What I absolutely love about CBN is after we've given,

we get a packet in the mail.

And the thing that I always look for in those packets

is how many people came to know Jesus as their Savior.

Because that's ultimately the most important thing.

Nothing else matters.

MIKE: Makes me feel like I'm walking in God's way,

in God's purpose.

Two things he wants us to do for sure,

and that's to put Him first and treat others here

on this earth as we should.

(VOICEOVER): Today the Browns are

retired from their teaching jobs,

but they still give generously.

They encourage others to do the same.

And in doing so, create a lasting legacy.

LIZ: And when I go to heaven, I want the Lord

to say, Well done, daughter.


These people came to know Jesus Christ

because I invited you, daughter, to participate

with me and my plan.

And from that, these people got saved.


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