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CBN Partner Thank You

A special video of thanks for your gifts, partnership and love which have left a lasting legacy. Read Transcript

- [Terry] Hello, this is Terry Meeuwsen.

I want you to know that you are among

an outstanding group of partners who

have transformed lives aroundthe world and here at home.

Today, I want to tellyou about just a few of

the remarkable things yourlove has accomplished.

Through your gifts and prayers, millions

of pounds of food and supplies have

been distributed to thehungry across America.

In 2017, you provided relieffrom 19 natural disasters.

Meeting physical needs.

Offering hope of mid-devastation.

And sharing the Gospel.

Thousands of people around the world

received medical treatmentbecause of your compassion.

In 2017, you providedthousands of thirsty people

with clean, safe water by building

more than 900 lifesaving water wells.

Tens of thousands of at-riskchildren in 61 countries

received shelter, education,job training and love.

Orphanages received supplies.

Learning centers received computers.

Remote villages received fresh water.

And victims of sexual slaverywere given a safe place

to transition to a lifeof freedom and security.

Young people too old to remain

in orphanages receivedjob skills training.

Giving them a hope and a future.

God used you to make all this possible.

Through CBN's 24/7 prayer center,

you have met the spiritual needs

of millions of collars every year.

Your partnership enables peopleto hear scripture readings,

receive prayer, hope andencouragement every single day.

The animated series Superbookis bringing the Gospel

to children and theirfamilies around the world.

Thanks to your gifts, in 2017 alone,

162 million people in 83 countries watched

at least one episode of Superbook.

And 95 million peoplesang the salvation poem.

You are teaching the children of

the world about the love of Christ.

Most importantly, you have helped spread

the Gospel in 76 languagesand 154 countries.

Over the years, hundredsof millions of people

have prayed to receiveJesus Christ as their savior

because you cared enough to give.

Your partnership has answered prayers

and made miracles happenall across the world.

The significance of your partnership

will stand the test of time.

You have left a lasting legacy that

will endure throughout eternity.

We thank God for you.

And your continuing partnership with CBN

to reach the world for Jesus.

Thank you.


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