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Worship Leader Remains Faithful to The Call

Recording artist Roy Fields joins The 700 Club to share an update on his ministry. Read Transcript

- Well Roy Fields had a busytravel and ministering schedule

here in the US and abroad,

and then he took some concentratedtime to seek the Lord.

That's when he received

a powerful revelation about Emannuel.

- [Narrator] Christianrecording artist Roy Fields

and his wife Melaniehad a comfortable life,

with good jobs, a nice home,and two growing children.

Then in 2005 they left that life behind

to pursue God's callinginto full-time ministry.

Traveling around the country,

Roy encouraged people to drawcloser to God in worship.

Since then they'vereleased several albums,

and today Roy welcomesthe Christmas season

with his new song, "Emmanuel Has Come."

- Well please welcome back to The 700 Club

my dear friend Roy Fields,and it's great to have him.

- Hey man, good to see ya!

- Yeah, so how do you gettime for a sabbatical?

- It just, it was time.

It was time, you know, fromtraveling all over the place

and just seeing the world,we've been to 41 countries now,

my wife and I, and our kids.

And I came back from Brazil, Gordon,

it was with 40,000 people in this stadium,

I'm living the dream,God's calling me to preach

and sing and all this, and I thought,

this is great, everything's great.

And the Lord was like yeah, I need

to talk to you for a minute.

- [Gordon] Oh.

- Let's have a conversation.

And I started realizingthat part of my life--

- That sounds like it's goingto be a bad conversation.

- No it was a good conversation.

It felt bad, because--

- [Gordon] (laughs) Seems like you

were being summoned tothe principal's office.

- I think so, which was commonfor me when I was a kid!


Yeah and I just started seeking the Word

like I never did before, andI had this hunger for God,

it went deeper than what I thought I had.

And it's like the Lord chimedin as a father and said,

"You know, if you stoppedwhat you're doing right now,

"it will never change My love for you."

And it was like, you couldgo to Cape Town, South Africa

and get a house andlive on a farm right now

and stop what you're doing,

and I would not be upset with you.

And I realized that a lot ofwhat I was doing in ministry

was trying to fill a void ofwhat was empty in my own heart.

And I wanted God to be happy with me,

and I felt like if Iwasn't out there working

and doing the ministry and doing stuff,

He wasn't that happy with me.

That really happened,and I got a revelation.

I started realizing this wasrelational more than I thought.

And it really, it messed meup something pretty awful

and then it was glorious, so it was like

a glorious, frightening experience.

Best way I can put it.

- Okay, how would you encourage people

to take that kind of sabbatical?

Because when you get involved in ministry,

it tends to accelerate, and the busy-ness

tends to accelerate.

- Yeah, right, whichyou're no stranger too.

- No, you've got to be intentional.

- There's a balance that I'm learning.

As you get older, you learnto not be so aggressive

in the sense of you haveto go save the world.

You have to be at rest withyour relationship with God.

And if you're not,sometimes like you said,

we take that ministry side of things,

and we believe that that'swhat's keeping the Lord happy,

that's what making Himpleased and everything.

He is not a taskmaster,He's our Heavenly Father.

And I would say tosomebody that's looking,

like how do I do something like this,

it's really getting quiet.

And there's a scripture that says,

"Be still and know that I am God."

"Be still" in Hebrew means to relax.

In 2018 it means to chill out,

and just know that He's God.

He's not just with you, He's in you,

which is what "EmmanuelHas Come" is all about too,

is that I started realizingEmmanuel means God with us.

And that means that He cannotbe Emmanuel without us.

- That is profound, yeah.

- He has married Himself to us,

there is no way we could runfrom Him, it's impossible.

And I started seeingthat revelation, Gordon,

and it started blowing my mind.

You know how it says, "Be transformed

"by the renewing of your mind"?

- Mm-hmm.

- If I could just reinterpret that,

I think it's be transformedby the blowing of your mind.

Because the heart is alwaystrying to speak to us,

which is where God operates in,

and our mind keeps sayingyou're not good enough,

you gotta do more, you haveto do this, get this done.

And our hearts--

- I found for me, mybusy-ness was more about me

than it was about God.- [Roy] Right.

- I felt I needed to be busy, just for me,

It wasn't about Him.- Right.

- And I had to really change that.

Is this about Him or is it about me?

'Cause if it's about Him, thenit's about knowing Him more.

And that requires time, you can't have

relationship without time.

- [Roy] No, and there's a rest there.

- [Gordon] Oh yeah.

- There's a peace there.

You know, I started looking at John 1,

"In the beginning was the Word,

"and the Word was withGod, and the Word was God."

We know John 1:14 says,"The Word became flesh,"

which makes the Word Jesus.

So I started seeing something different.

The word with, in Greek is(speaks foreign language).

(speaks foreign language)means face to face.

That gives a little bit more revelation

to what John the Apostle was saying to us,

and I saw it, I felt like I had

a John moment, a Paul moment,

and it was like I heard it like this now,

in the beginning was Jesus,

and Jesus was face toface with His father,

and Jesus was His father.

- A reflection, a perfect reflection.

- Correct.

- They're giving me a hard rap

because we've got to hear this song.

So I'm going to release you right now,

you've got to go to the stage,

we're going to hear your song.

This the great revelation.

His song is called "Emmanuel Has Come."

To find more informationhow to get the song,

all you have to do is go to

And if you'd like to hear more from Roy,

just go to our Facebook page,that's



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