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Eat What You Love

Best-selling author Danielle Walker discusses how she changed her life by changing her diet. Read Transcript

- When she was 22 years old,Danielle Walker almost died

after she became severelyill and incapacitated

from ulcerative colitis.

She dramatically changed her diet,

and today, she's thriving.

- [Reporter] Danielle Walkeris a bestselling author

and food blogger of the popularwebsite

She became a leader in the Paleo

and gluten-free movement 10 years ago

after a diagnosis of aserious autoimmune disease.

When Danielle beganeliminating certain foods

from her diet, it curedmany of her ailments.

Today, she helps otherstill enjoy foods they crave

despite their restrictions.

In her cookbook, Eat What You Love,

Danielle shares recipes you can make

without sacrificing flavor

so you can spend more timewith family and friends

during the holidays.

- Please welcome to The700 Club Danielle Walker.

It's great to have you here.

- Thank you, it's so good to be here.

- Tell us a little bitabout what you experienced

in those years when youwere really not well.

- Yeah, so I was diagnosedwith ulcerative colitis,

which is mostly digestive symptoms,

but it also causes anemia

and so I had to takemedical leave from my job.

I was unable to get out of bed

for weeks and months at a time.

I was in hospitals multipletimes during the year

on very debilitating amounts of medication

and just was not getting better.

- You say in your cookbook,which we'll talk about

in a minute,- Yes.

- that doctors told youthere was no connection

between food and whatyou were experiencing,

but- It did.

- it wasn't until youstarted to change your diet

that you got better.

- Right, yeah, they saidthere was no connection.

It didn't cause, cure, or help.

And after I started changing my diet

and did an elimination diet,

I noticed an improvement in my symptoms

within 24 to 48 hours.

It was pretty miraculous.- Wow, that quickly.

- Yeah, it was--- That's amazing.

- A very strong correlation.

- Well, the title of your book,

it's called Eat What You Love.- Yes.

- And most of us think,if we have to do something

to adapt things in our diet

that we're just giving up flavor,

giving up traditions

- Right.- in our family.

And you have worked hard tokeep that from happening.

- Yes.- So how do we

make the adjustments

- Yes.- and enjoy the food we love?

- Well, use my recipes,for one. (chuckles)

- But yes, that was one of the things

that I didn't want to lose.

I didn't want to lose tradition

and memories that I had tied to food

because I think we all have a lot

of traditions tied to food.- Absolutely.

- And it's also what bringsus around the table together.

- That's what I was gonna say.

- And dietary restrictions

can divide people too.- Yes, yes.

- So I have set out in mykitchen and in my cookbooks

to recreate all of thosekind of family favorites

and recreate them in a manner where,

whether or not you'vehad dietary restrictions,

you can still enjoy the foods

and they look like thefoods that you're used to.

- Let's start on this side.- Yes, okay.

- What have you got on the end?

- Well, so we wantedto provide a beverage.

This is a gingerbread latte

and it has some gluten-freegingerbread cookie

kind of sprinkled around there,

but it's dairy-free, refined sugar-free,

so it doesn't give youthat kind of sugar crush

afterwards.- Yes, yes.

- But it's still festiveand that's something

that people want tostill be able to enjoy.

- [Terry] And donuts?

- Donuts, yes.- Really?

- So they are nut-free,they're gluten-free,

they're made with coconut flour.

- [Terry] Awesome.- And chocolate on top.

Yeah, I have such greatmemories of eating donuts

with my grandparents- [Terry] Yes.

- or at church growing up,

and so that's something that I had to do

for my kids to be able to enjoy.

- And this is so pretty.

- Yes.- You make your own bagels.

- I do, I do.

So they're very easy.

You just bake them.

The shape comes from asilicone kind of mold

and you just bake them in your oven.

The great thing about all of these really

is that you can keep them in the freezer.

So if you have unexpected guests

or you're going somewhere for breakfast

and you want to pull things--- [Terry] If you work

and you just want to grab something out,

you don't have time to eat at home,

how wonderful.- Yes.

And these are so great for both breakfast

or for lunch because you don't have

a lot of gluten-free bread options.

You could pull that out andmake a nice sandwich on it

as well.- Well, before we

do anything here,- Yes.

Yes.- Let's scoot over here.

These are parfaits?

- Yes.

So there's a smoothieon the bottom with acai,

which is really high in antioxidants

and then we have, insteadof using a thickener

like a wheat flour, I use chia seeds,

which are also very good for you,

- Excellent.- high in protein and fiber.

And so this will keep youfull throughout the day.

It's elegant enough to serve to guests,

but sometimes I put it in a jar

and take it in the car with me as well,

which is really nice.

- And yum.

- Yes. Chocolate.

Who doesn't love chocolate?

- [Terry] I recognized it immediately.

- Yes, chocolate zucchini muffins.

So there's some extra hiddenveggies in there for your kids.

You could do carrots as well.

- [Terry] That keeps it moist too,

right?- It does.

It keeps it incrediblymoist, very decadent,

still has that dark chocolate flavor.

- Waffles?

- Yes, those are waffles.

The great thing about those too,

you can put them in the freezer,

pop them into a toaster

so you have a very nicebreakfast at any given moment.

- Okay.

And on the end,

we've got some--- Yes, the last thing

are morning glory muffins.- Ooh.

- So they are packed withso many different things.

There's carrots and pineapple,

sunflower seeds.- [Terry] Oh, wow.

- Yes, so they're- [Terry] That's awesome.

- delicious and filling,

which is the best part.- So what is...

This is all brunch for today.

- So what are doing with eggs here?

- Okay, so these are crustless quiche.

So in this bowl, we havesome sweet potatoes,

bacon, sausage, some Swiss chard,

again, kind of gettingin some of those greens

and vegetables.

I've already done somealmond milk in there,

but we can go ahead andput the coconut milk in.

- This is coconut milk.- And then we've got

some salt and pepper,just for some flavor.

And then I will just carefullyspoon some of this in here.

And again, the cool thing about this

is you can really use whateveryou have in your fridge.

So if you have spinach or kale

or you have turkeybacon or whatever it is,

you can just pack it full.

- Yeah.- And we will use

the ladle here and wecan just fill these up.

And I make a couple dozen ofthese at a time and then--

- I overfilled that.- That's okay.

You know what, we can go just like that.

- There you go.

That's why we like this.- Yes, exactly

- And you do it about

3/4 full, is that--- Yes, yes,

'cause they will puff up a bit.

So you can eat these fresh,

but you can also keep them in the freezer

and pull whatever you need out

just for a fast breakfast,

but also an elegant breakfast.- I love that idea

because a lot of ususe that breakfast bake

- Yes, yes.- at the holiday

and so this is a year-round

breakfast bake.- Yeah, and you could

make this as a full bakedcasserole if you'd prefer

instead of the individual sizes,

but these are so nice justto keep in the freezer

and pull out, but yes.- Sure.

- But if you're hosting a big gathering,

just bake it all in one dish.

- You want to do it all together.

- Yep.- But again,

a great and tasty breakfast,

I'm kind of slathering this- I know, I'm like...

- in here.- But you're going

quickly.- I'm really better

than this at home.- You're going very quickly.

No, you know what, it doesn't matter.

The nice thing.

So I will take this back to the oven.

We have it preheated- Okay.

- at 350.- Do we need...

Oh there are mitts back here.

- And I believe we have one already done.

So you just want to lookto make sure they're set.

We have some already out here.

Perfect, they smell so good,

and you really could do kind of whatever

veggie mix you want.

So I know we have some out here

over on this little tryso you can see them.

- So you can just freeze these?

Pop them out when you want one- Exactly.

- and microwave them at the office

and you're good to go.- Exactly, exactly.

You have a healthy breakfast,

and a breakfast elegant enoughto serve holiday guests.

- Well y'all know I collect cookbooks.

This is another pretty one.

I just want to say,Danielle's book is called

Eat What You Love.

It's filled with amazing recipes

and all the information you need

to know about any ingredientsthat she's substituting for.

It's available wherever books are sold.

You can also find recipes

for this festive Christmasbrunch at

And if you'd like to see more

of Danielle's story on our Facebook page,

just got to

Awesome.- Thank you.

- What a great job; you showed us so much

in such a short period of time.

Cookbook; great gift forsomebody in your family

or maybe just you.


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