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A Pro-Life Fashion Line? The Unique Way a Mom and Her Daughters Are Fighting for the Unborn

A Pro-Life Fashion Line? The Unique Way a Mom and Her Daughters Are Fighting for the Unborn Read Transcript

- But the big joke in our family

was that I was eithergonna have to start sewing,

which is a really bad idea, Jenna,

because I'm very good with a glue gun,

but not with a sewing machine,

or we were gonna have tostart our own fashion line.

- [Jenna] And that'sexactly what Carla D'Addesi

and her three daughtersdid, introducing COL1972.

- We were eating pasta,

that's what good Italian families do,

and this idea came up andwe sketched everything

on a piece of paper andwe thought of COL1972,

we'd really like to getback to a culture of life,

the year 1972.

1973 is when our Supreme Court ruled

that the tiniest people didnot have the right to life.

And since 1973, there's60 million tiny people

who have not had the right to life.

- [Jenna] Carla says theline is meant for girls

just like her daughters.

(rhythmic music)

- So we say that we're street chic

because you'll notice thatthe 10 to 30 year olds

just kind of live in this athleisure wear,

tights and really comfyfleece sweatshirts.

So we worked with a designerin L.A., in California,

that has launched brands before

because we really wantthis brand to be excellent.

We don't want to do it in a shabby way

because it's not onlyrepresenting my family,

but celebration of life,this whole entire movement.

And so we worked with herand we chose kind of colors

that we thought kids would like

that are really hot right now.

- [Jenna] She says thereception so far has been huge,

pointing to just howmany pro-life young women

there are out there.

- So we did the research by the way also,

18 million teens, tweens, millennials,

girls in the UnitedStates, 18 million of them,

nine million of themidentify as being pro-life,

which was such an encouragementto my daughters and I

that nine million identify as loving life.

So we thought wow, if wecan just present a product

to these young girls thatthey feel beautiful wearing,

glamorous wearing, and thenit's just this great message

that they can share withtheir college friends,

their high school friends, their family.

- [Jenna] She says their pieces

are also great conversation starters.

- The messaging is very quiet, you know,

and we're actually sharing with the kids

how to talk about the messaging.

So COL1972, if someone comes up

and says I love that camohat that you have on.

What does 1972 mean?

You can say that's a year thatwe just celebrated all life,

an amazing year, we'd liketo get back to that time.

- [Jenna] And for familieswho want to support companies

with values that align with theirs.

- But really, I'm amom of three daughters,

so, you know, our cardio isshopping, honestly, you know?

Like we are shopping all the time

and we just felt a little bit marginalized

because some of the messagingthat was on the shirts

just went against our coreprinciples, our core values.

And then again, like I said,

a lot of these peopleare using spokespeople

that maybe do not standfor the national anthem,

which is so important to our family.

We just feel like it's such a privilege

to stand for the pledge of allegiance

or the national anthem for those heroes

that have gone before usor even today, right now,

that are fighting for our freedom.

So we want to support companies

that support our core values.

So we say that COL1972is guilt-free shopping.

It is going to be shoppingthat is family approved,

mom and daddy approved,but also kid approved.

(mellow rhythmic music)



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