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Faith Nation: January 17, 2019

Faith Nation: January 17, 2019 Read Transcript

(soft dramatic music)

- [Jenna] Tonight, the latest

on the deadly attack in Syriathat killed four Americans.

- We will never forget theirnoble and immortal sacrifice.

- [Jenna] As the US begins to pull out

and the war there rages on.

- As President, my first dutyis the defense of our country.

- The President unveils a new strategy

to defend the United Statesagainst hypersonic missiles

and nuclear weapons.

All this and shots across the bow

between the Presidentand Speaker of the House.

as the government shutdownlurches through it's 27th day.

(rhythmic music)

Four Americans killedand three more injured

in a suicide blast in Syria.

Welcome to Faith Nation.

I'm Jenna Browder.

Well ISIS is claiming responsibility

for the deadly explosion

that killed at least 10 other people

in the northern Syrian city of Manbij.

Today at the Pentagon,

President Trump calledthe Americans killed,

quote, brave American heroes.

- We're now actually able tobegin to hand off the fight

against ISIS in Syria toour coalition partners

and we are bringing our troops home.

The califate has crumbledand ISIS has been defeated.

- The latest killing comes days

after the US began removingequipment from the war zone

and in the midst of aplanned US troop withdrawal

from the country.

Well today, the Presidentannounced a strategy

for a new high-tech basedmissile defense system.

- We are committed to establishing

a missile defense programthat can shield every city

in the United States and wewill never negotiate away

our right to do this.

The US will now adjust its posture

to also defend againstany missile strikes,

including cruise and hypersonic missiles.

My upcoming budget will invest

in a space-based missile defense layer.

It's new technology.

It's ultimately going tobe a very, very big part

of our defense and,obviously, of our offense.

- The missile defense push comes

as countries like Russia and China

have heralded nuclearcapable hypersonic missiles

10 times faster than the speed of sound.

Russia says the missiles canhit targets 1,000 miles away.

The announcement comes as theUS seeks to shift resources

from countering extremismin the Middle East

to preparing for complexglobal power threats

from countries like Russia, China,

and North Korea and Iran.

- The United States could losea war with China or Russia.

That according to a new reportcommissioned by Congress.

This deep look at our nationaldefense strategy finds

the US military haspotentially lost its edge

when stacked up against global powers.

(horn blares)

It's the most technologicallyadvanced member

of the Navy's fleet.

As part of a growing defense budget,

the USS Zumwalt is a stealth-capable

guided missile destroyer with a price tag

of some $4 billion.

- The stronger we are,the less chance we have

of having to go to war.

- [John J.] The Presidentis touting the increase

as the largest militarybudget in US history,

at least four times the sizeof China's defense budget

and more than 10 times that of Russia.

But a new report to Congress shows signs

of an eroding military edge,

warning the US couldlose a war against powers

like China or Russia.

- It's a real dire warning.

This is a flashing red light.

- [John J.] John Hannah

is the former DeputyNational Security Adviser

to Vice President Dick Cheney.

- The United States risksreal strategic insolvency

and the danger that wecould lose regional wars

in critical theaters of operations.

- [John J.] DefenseSecretary James Mattis said

he was humbled by the largestdefense budget in history.

Now, it sounds like itmight not be enough.

- I hope we can avoid an arms race.

The challenge we face right now

is that the Army is as small as its been

since the second World War.

The Navy is, I think,on track to be smaller

than it has been sincethe first World War.

And the Air Force is thesmallest its ever been.

= [John J.] Eric Edelman is the co-chair

of the National DefenseStrategy Commission.

The bipartisan report to Congress warns

that available resources forevery branch of the military

are clearly insufficientif the US were to fight

a global power and deterother enemies simultaneously.

- Our technology is farsuperior to anybody else.

Our jet fighters, even our tankers,

but our planes, our ships, there's nobody

that makes the equipment like we make it.

(jet engine roars)

- [John J.] But thatequipment comes at a price.

While rising global powershave invested heavily

in new high end capabilities,

American interests have concentrated

on a different kind of fight.

(machine gun rattles)

As the US military trainedits fire on terrorism,

brought by violent Muslimextremists in Iraq, Afghanistan,

and now Syria for the last 15 years,

China and Russia have been busy developing

highly sophisticated military weapons

like this Russianhypersonic Kinzhal missile.

- [Translator] No missile defense system

will be able to withstand it.

- [John J.] RussianPresident Vladimir Putin says

it can carry nuclear warheads

and hit targets over 1,000 miles away

at speeds 10 times fasterthan the speed of sound.

(missile explodes)

- Now we have new kinds oftechnologies coming online

that are gonna change things up a bit,

hypersonics, artificial intelligence,

quantum computing, things like that.

- [John J.] Another new report

from the GovernmentAccountability Office warns

there are no existing countermeasures

to defend against thesehypersonic weapons.

Experts say the Americanmilitary needs to redirect.

- China's military budgetis likely to double by 2030

and certainly at leastdouble again by mid-century.

At that point, it would be larger

than today's US military budget.

- [John J.] Michael O'Hanlonfrom the Brookings Institution

says if China's economy keepsgrowing, so will its military.

And they're not the only problem.

- Russia, first of all,is not gonna overtake us,

but they may have enoughto be a big problem anyway.

They've got 5,000 nuclearweapons just like we do.

They have conventionalsuperiority in regions

where we have allies we aresworn by treaties to defend.

So they're big enough to be a problem,

and even if their budget'sonly 1/10 of ours.

- [John J.] Despite Russia's

relatively small defense budget,

its nuclear arsenal remains a threat.

- Nuclear deterrence is tricky because

what matters is not what wethink would deter somebody,

but what they think.

- [John J.] Edelman, an American diplomat

and former defense official,

warns that both Russia and China

are investing in new nuclearweapons and delivery platforms.

- We've grown very complacentabout this because,

since 1945, nobody has usednuclear weapons in anger,

and so I think there's a tendency to think

no one will ever do this.

(missile engine roars)

- [John J.] With the exceptionof North Korea and Iran,

no armed state is likely tolaunch a pre-meditated attack.

The most imminent worryfor experts we talked to

is the cyber realm.

- A cyber attack has the potential appeal

of incapacitating uswithout killing anybody,

immediately or directly.

If the electricity grid goes down,

a lot of Americans will die.

- [John J.] Even if theUS were to retaliate,

a country like Russia is less susceptible

to cyber attacks.

- Russia might decidethat all we're gonna do

is cyber attack them back.

It's one thing in the heat of the moment

to punch back againstsomebody that just hit you.

It's something else ifit takes a year or two.

So maybe Russia's theoryof victory would be

the Americans will lose heart

if we can just slow them down.

- Experts we talked to saythere's huge uncertainty

as to whose tools arebetter in the cyber realm.

Even at a historic $716 billion,

the US still spends lesson defense in terms of GDP

than under Ronald Reagan.

So if we want to keepour edge against Russia

and prevent China from outspending us,

the US has to decide now

whether to increase an alreadystaggering military budget.

John Jessup, CBN News, the Pentagon.

- Well, the governmentshutdown is in its 27th day,

and neither side is showingany signs of giving in.

After the Speaker ofthe House sent a letter

to the President urging him todelay the State of the Union,

President Trump sent aletter to Nancy Pelosi

postponing the Speaker'splanned trips overseas.

But as the tit for tatcontinues, there's little relief

for the nearly one million federal workers

furloughed or forced to work without pay.

Today, the President made another push

for the long promised border wall

in the middle of the shutdown.

- We need strong borders.

We need strong barriers and walls.

Nothing else is going to work.

The federal government remains shut down

because congressional Democrats

refuse to approve border security.

We're going to have border security.

While many Democrats inthe House and the Senate

would like to make a deal,

Speaker Pelosi willnot let them negotiate.

The party has been hijackedby the open borders fringe

within the party, the radical left

becoming the radical Democrats.

- And the President used the announcement

of the new missile defense initiative

to make the case for bordersecurity at the Pentagon today.

The Second Lady of the United States

is returning to teachart in the classroom.

This week, the announcement

that Karen Pence would returnto an elementary school

in Northern Virginia was met with ire.

Teachers at Immanuel Christian School,

where Pence spent 12 years teaching art,

must sign a statementthat marriage is, quote,

the uniting of one woman and one man.

Those anti-LGBTQ viewsstole headlines this week

and CNN, an op-ed, detailedthe Pence's family, quote,

astonishing moral hypocrisy.

The Second Lady's officeresponded that, quote:

It's absurd that Mrs.Pence's decision to teach art

to children at a Christian school,

and the school's religiousbeliefs, are under attack.

And for more on that andto help us break it down,

including the latest on the shutdown,

we are joined by ChiefPolitical Analyst David Brody.

David, what do you makeof this whole situation

with Karen Pence?

She cannot catch a break,

- (scoffs) No.- it doesn't seem.

- No, she really can't.

Look, she believes in thetraditional view of marriage

coming from the Bible.

This just in, the Bible hasbeen around for a while.

I think you've heard of that.

And she's going to teach at a school

that promotes those values.

So you have to wonder on just a strict,

straight-up common sense standpoint,

what's the problem with that?

Look, the bottom line is, Jenna,

that when it comes todiscrimination, LGBT discrimination,

there are federal anti-discriminationlaws on the books,

but when it comes toprivate Christian schools,

there are none, so she can do that

and I know the liberalsare up in arms about it,

but look, it is what it isand she's just holding through

to her values and beliefs.

- And when it comes to theshutdown, we're on day 27.

David, this seems tobe getting pretty petty

between the President and the Speaker.

- It really is.

I mean, look, they're givingkindergartners a bad name,

I think, really, if you think about it.

Both sides I mean.

And you know the White Houseis basically saying, look,

if Nancy Pelosi had gone out of town,

she would've had a hard time,

obviously, negotiating a shutdown

being in Brussels or Afghanistan

or wherever she was gonna go.

But I think what'sinteresting here is, look,

the White House is also sayingthat first she was in Hawaii,

then the Democrats went to Puerto Rico,

now she's off to Brusselsand Donald Trump says

poor me, I'm all alone,

I'm in the White House waiting for someone

to come talk to me.- He keeps saying that,

I'm all alone.

- I'm all alone.

No, I don't think you'reall alone, but anyhow,

the point is is thatthis has really become

crazy and childish at this point.

I will say this, Jenna.

Chess and checkers, you know,

Nancy Pelosi I reallybelieve is playing checkers,

which is straight-up,

Donald Trump, playing chess,

maybe not two movesahead of her necessarily,

but when you're unpredictable,

that makes it very difficult

for Nancy Pelosi to figure out

what Donald Trump's gonna do next.

- David, can he actually prevent her

from going overseas like this?

I know he said she could fly commercial,

if she'd like to, but canhe actually prevent her,

keep her from going?- He can.

He can.

He can allow or preventthe military basically

from blocking her andother congressional folks

from going overseas.

As a matter of fact, theWhite House now saying

that all, what they call CODELs,

congressional delegation tripsoverseas will be postponed

until the governmentre-opens, so we'll see.

- Is it a given, David, that the shutdown

will go on past January 29th,

when the State of the Unionis supposed to happen?

Do you think it'll drag on past then?

- I think so.

I really don't see any end in sight.

I think the tipping point will be

when the PR gets badfor, depends what side,

Democrats, Republicans.

Let's see how this plays out.

But if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

think that Donald Trumpis gonna roll over,

back to that chess and checkers game,

they've picked the wrong guy to deal with.

He is a New York street brawler

who is determined to win the fight.

Does he get childish at times?

Yes, and oh, by the way,a quick little detail

to point out about this trip today.

Nancy Pelosi was supposed to leave

for that trip overseas at 3:00 p.m.

The White House press release on this

came out at 2:15 in the afternoon.

They told, apparently,according to my sources,

they told Nancy Pelosi she wasn't going

just a few hours before that.

So just sorry, Nancy, don't pack the bags.

Maybe JetBlue's available.- Well, unpack the bags.

I'm she was--- I'm sorry, unpack the bags.

- She was I'm ready to go, I'm sure.

- That's right.

- She said the President couldsubmit his State of the Union

in a written statement.

David, would it be unprecedented

for a President to do this?

Just a few seconds left.

Has he ever, has thePresident ever been uninvited

to give the State of the Union?

- Never uninvited, but it'snot unusual for a President

to submit a written Stateof the Union request.

As a matter of fact, only26 out of 45 presidents

have actually, excuseme, let me rephrase that.

26 of 45 presidents have not given

a State of the Union speech.

So, in other words, therehave been plenty of times

where presidents havegiven written responses,

or excuse me, written State of the Unions.

Jimmy Carter last did it in 1981.

- I believe Woodrow Wilson was the first.

- That is correct.

You beat me on historical trivia.

- All right, David, thank you

very much.- Okay, Jenna.

- And for more news on thepartial government shutdown,

check out the CBN NewsDaily Rundown podcast.

You'll find more insightsfrom David there,

and he lays out who'sreally pulling the strings

in the Speaker's office.

Well when we come back,

we preview tomorrow's March for Life

with the President of Focus on the Family.

Find out what Jim Daly had tosay about a pro-life project

that's close to his heart.

(gentle dramatic music)

(speaking foreign language)

- [Woman] This is our nature as a country.

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- Literally, we felt the earth shaking.

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To Life: How Israeli Volunteersare Changing the World.

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- Well tomorrow is the46th Annual March for Life

in Washington.

Tens of thousands are expectedto march on the National Mall

in support of protecting the unborn.

Every year, the march happens

around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade,

the 1973 case that legalizedabortion in the United States.

Since then, an estimated 60 million babies

have been aborted.

The march includes aweekend of activities,

including the Rose Dinner,where Vice President Pence

will give an address.

Back in 2017, he made history

when he addressed the March for Life

just one week after the inauguration.

And last year, President Trumpalso spoke via satellite.

This year, the weathercould be a challenge

for the march on the Mall,

as snow is forecasted for the weekend.

One voice leading the pro-lifecause is Focus on the Family.

Earlier, I sat downwith President Jim Daly

to talk about the importanceof the March for Life

and a pro-life project close to his heart.

All right, well Jim, thanksso much for joining us.

Welcome to Washington.

- It's great, great to be here.

- You know, this issue of life,

obviously very importantto Focus on the Family,

one of the leading voices in this battle.

Why is it important forall of you to be here

for this March for Life?

- Well I think that solidarity,to say we are standing

for the pre-born child to saythat that is a human being

made in the image of God.

And I think for tensof thousands of people

to come to Washington andsay we agree with this

makes a statement to the culture

that they are not forgotten.

And I so appreciatethe momentum right now.

You know, technology has really helped

to prove that the baby in the womb

is truly a baby in the womb.

It's not just a blob of tissue.

And I think more and more so,

the culture is understanding that.

- [Jenna] And speaking of technology,

I know you all are getting ready

to roll out your OptionUltrasound program.

Talk about that.

- Yeah, it's a great program.

It's actually been happeningfor about 14 years.

We're gonna up the game,

- Okay.- so to speak,

and put more machines around the country,

but we've already placedabout 800 machines

around the country.

It's resulted in over425,000 babies being saved.

Our goal is a million alive in 2025.

And that's what we're gonna try to do.

- So, you know, when peoplesee these ultrasounds,

they have a change of heart.

Talk about just the psychology of that

and how it really changes.

It can be a 180 for someone who has this.

- Yeah, the numbers, anywherefrom 60 to 70 percent

of an abortion-minded woman,when she receives counseling

and sees the ultrasound,actually uses that technology

to see the baby in the womb,

often sucking its thumbor waving its arms,

she has a change of heart.

60 to 70 percent of the womenthat go in for an abortion,

if they see the ultrasound,

they will say wait a minute,I don't want to do this.

And I think that's all about information.

You know, I think that's the difference

between the pro-life movementand the pro-abortion movement.

We're more than willing to show a woman

what is happening in her body.

Planned Parenthood and other clinics

typically will try to preventher from seeing that shot.

- And abortions, in recentyears, the number is down.

Talk about, in the context of history,

where does the pro-life movement

and the abortion issuestand right now today?

- Well, you know, the difficulty,

so often, we're looking atthe numbers, staggering.

55 million children havebeen taken through abortion.

It's the greatest catastrophicloss of human life

in history, 55 million, it tops wars

and combinations of wars.

So when you look at itfrom that perspective,

that's the heavy-heartednessthat the pro-life movement has

is how many children havedied through abortion,

and yet the numbers are down.

Our concern is it may be down

because of the morning after pill

and other pharmaceuticals now

that are being used after awoman realizes she's pregnant

and she could take pharmaceuticals

in order to terminate the pregnancy.

The great news is there's also a pill

that can reverse that.

Once a woman, if she regrets taking it,

if it's within a certain amount of time,

she can reverse the effectsof those abortifacient pills.

So my point, and I think thepro-life movement's point,

is we need to understand that all life

is created in God's image.

We're all God's creatures.

And we need to protect them at the border

as well as here in the womb of a mom.

- Jim Daly with Focus onthe Family, thanks so much.

- Good to be with you.

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That's 1-800-940-5020, 1-800-940-5020.

- More and more excavations in Israel

are validating the Bible.

As Chris Mitchell reports,one dig is uncovering

one of the Old Testament'smost important sites.

- You're looking at theheart of biblical Israel,

along the route known asthe Way of the Patriarchs.

This is ancient Shiloh, theplace where the Bible says

Joshua divided the promisedland between the 12 tribes

and where the Tabernacle of the Lord stood

for more than 300 years.

- Welcome to ancient Shiloh.

This is the firstcapital of ancient Israel

and it's a sacred spotbecause the Mishkan was here,

the Tabernacle where peoplecame to connect with God.

- [Chris] Scott Striplingdirects the excavation here,

and along with dozens of volunteers,

they're digging into history.

- We're dealing with realpeople, real places, real events.

This is not mythology.

The coins that we excavated today,

we're talking aboutcoins of Herod the Great,

Pontius Pilate, Festus,Felix, Agrippa I, Agrippa II.

The Bible talks about these people.

We've got the image right there.

- [Chris] That imageincludes a fortified wall

built by the Canaanites.

They're finding a treasuretrove of artifacts,

including coins and 2,000pieces of pottery a day.

- Now this one was from yesterday.

It's been washed already.

So you see the same formright out of the ground

and yesterday and these are those handles

from the stone vessels.

Remember Jesus' first miracle at Cana,

they were stone jars full of water.

That's that ritual purityculture of the first century.

- [Chris] An archaeologistlooks at these shards

as a fine timepiece.

- Just like yourgreat-grandmother's pottery

is different from your potterythat you're using today,

and once we learn the pottery,

then we can use it as ourprimary means of dating.

- [Chris] Stripling saysliterally digging into the Bible

can change your life.

- You can read the Bible,you can walk the Bible,

but the ultimate is to dig the Bible.

You know, when we actuallyget into the soil,

like these students from Lee University,

they're literally, it'sunder their fingernails

and in their nose andtheir mouth and their ears,

and they're exposing this ancient culture

and it becomes one with you

and sort of like we came out of the soil,

and as we dig into thesoil, we connect with God

and with each other, I think,in a very important way.

- I love getting my hands dirty.

I love digging in the dirt.

It's my favorite thing.

- [Chris] People fromall ages man the dig,

with the main drivers beingstudents like Abigail.

- It's tiring and exhausting,but it's really rewarding.

It's exciting to find ancient things,

things that have been laying in the dirt

just waiting for usfor thousands of years.

- [Chris] She says the Biblecomes alive in the dirt.

- I read the Bible totally differently

than I did before I came here.

And when I read theBible, I know the places,

I know what's going on.

I understand it more deeply,

especially where previousarchaeologists have claimed

that the archaeology disproves the Bible.

But when we dig here, wefind that everything matches.

You read it in the Bible,you dig in the dirt,

and there it is.

- Archaeology doesn't set out

to prove or disprove the Bible.

What we want to do is toilluminate the biblical text,

the background of the text,

so to set it in a real world culture

to what we call verisimilitude.

So we get an ancient literary description.

Now we have a materialculture that matches that.

Chris, you're sitting whereSamuel and Eli and Hannah

and these people that we have read about.

They came just like us, needing answers,

needing to connect withGod, needing forgiveness.

- [Chris] He says they dig into the past

and find lessons for the present.

- One of the faith lessons for us

is that God is the potterand we're the clay,

and even if our lives arebroken like these vessels are,

God told Jeremiah,

after he told him to go toShiloh and see what he had done,

he told him to go to the potter's house

and look at a flawed vessel

and see how the potterputs it back on the wheel

and works out the imperfections.

My faith lesson is this,that yes, we're imperfect,

but if we'll allow God,

he wants to put us on his potter's wheel

and he wants to make us a vessel of honor.

- [Chris] Stripling oftencites Psalm 102, that says:

O Zion, your servantstake delight in its stones

and favor its dust.

- Ultimately, Chris, if the Bible is true,

then the God of the Bible hasa moral claim on our lives.

And as we establish theveracity of the biblical text,

I hope that everyone watchingwill just think about that,

that God loves us and he hasa moral claim on our lives.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, CBN News,

Shiloh, Biblical Samaria.

- And that is going to doit for Faith Nation tonight.

Thanks for joining usand have a great evening.

(light music)



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