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Report: World Council of Churches Trains Anti-Israel Activists to See Israel as the 'Enemy'

Report: World Council of Churches Trains Anti-Israel Activists to See Israel as the 'Enemy' Read Transcript

- [Narrator] This effort is called

the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program

in Palestine and Israel,


The World Council of Churches started

the program in 2002.

Since then it's sent some 1800 volunteers

to the West Bank towitness what it calls life

under occupation.

These volunteers then head home

to tell churches,

congregations and others about it.

Those presentations oftentake a very negative

and even antisemitic tone.

- [Narrator] The WCCdenounces antisemitism

as a sin against God

and spokesperson PeterProve tells CBN news

that the program isall about human rights.

- [Peter] And the ultimatepurposes of the program are

to address human rights violations,

impacts upon human dignity and to promote,

from the positive side,

a just peace for both peoples.

- [Narrator] A report by

the NGO Monito howeverpaints a different picture

of these so called training camps.

- That is the main tool

for training anti Israel activists

within church organizationsin churches around the world.

And it's also the main tool

for inserting anti Israel

and anti Zionist propaganda

and rhetoric into those same churches.

- [Narrator] According to Prove,

the volunteers take part in everyday life

with the Palestinians.

- [Peter] They're there toprovide a protective presence.

Secondly they're there to observe,

monitor and report onevents that they observe.

- [Narrator] Yona Schfmiller said,

"NGO Monitor found there'smore to the story."

- In fact what EAPPI isreally doing is coming

here gaining credibility for themselves

to go back to their home churches

and to spread anti Israel diatribes.

- [Narrator] Josef Daher is coordinator

of the Jerusalem centerthat hosts the volunteers.

He explains how they view Jesus' command

to love your enemies.

- [Narrator] Resistanceusually refers to terrorism.

But Daher said as Christians

they only promote boycott,

divestment and sanctions movement or BDS.

In a response to the report,

the WCC said,

"It only promotes boycotting goods

"from Israeli settlements."

That's not Daher's view.

- [Narrator] The WCC recognizesIsrael's right to exist

according to international law.

But doesn't connect it to the Bible.

Dr Robert Smith works with the volunteers

and explained it earlier.

- The biblical narrative

of Israel has almost nothing

to do with contemporary Israel

other than the intentionalmanipulation of sacred texts.

To justify a political project.

The Global Kairos movement declared

that any Christian theology

that supports Zionism is heresy.

- [Narrator] David Parsonsis Vice president of

the International Christianembassy Jerusalem.

He described the 2009Kairos Palestine declaration

as misguided.

- For someone to brandChristian Zionism heresy,

this is troubling ground

because Jesus himself affirmed

the restoration of Israel in Matthew 19.

The apostle Peter does it

in Acts chapter three.

And Paul does it in Romans chapter 11.

So these were all affirming a belief

in biblical Zionism.

The belief that the Jewswould be restored to the land.

So are you callingJesus himself a heretic?

- [Narrator] Funding for the volunteer

training program comes formthe World Council of Churches

as well as European governments.

NGO Monitor would like those countries

to reevaluate that support,

and the WCC to recognize Israel's right

to exist as a Jewish state.

Julie Stall CBN News Jerusalem.



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